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Crisis Communication

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Write 2 page original paper using resources provided and answering questions below. 1. Define how cultural sensitivity can be a factor in the identification of risk factors in crisis communications. As a manager, what considerations should be explored? 2. If you were a manager; what steps would you take to ensure that your organization is prepared for a crisis communications plan in a multicultural workplace, city, or region? Avery, E. J., Graham, M., & Park, S. (2016). Planning Makes (Closer to) Perfect: Exploring United States’ Local Government Officials’ Evaluations of Crisis Management. Journal of Contingencies & Crisis Management, 24(2), 73-81. Brown, H. S. (2016). After the data breach: Managing the crisis and mitigating the impact. Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 9(4), 317-328. MacLeod, A. (2014). The impact of communication on human behaviour in times of crisis. Journal Of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 8(2), 134-

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