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Crisis Assessment & Intervention – Self-Care

Crisis Assessment & Intervention – Self-Care

UNIT 1 – DISCUSSION 2 – POST (350 words)
Learning about trauma and its treatment through reading, video clips, and other materials, is inherently traumatic and can trigger emotions in anyone – especially new counselors who are in the midst of academic stressors, who bring their own personal histories to the table, and who are still learning how to cope with the feelings that being a clinician can raise. Developing a self-care plan and committing to it helps you understand how challenging it can be for clients to engage in the self-care we ask of them.

Throughout the course, you will be viewing video clips and hearing and reading stories that are defined as crises that may be upsetting to you. It is important to prepare yourself for how you will take care to avoid vicarious traumatization, or second-hand trauma. Describe what personal and professional challenges you might face in dealing with client crises, and how you will implement effective self-care practices.
UNIT 1 – DISCUSSION 2 – PEER RESPONSE (200-250 words)
Respond to the posts of TWO of your peers by helping them come up with some helpful hints in their plan to become a more effective crisis counselor with self-care in mind.

PLEASE REFERENCE … the attached document with instructions regarding the DISCUSSION POST & the PEER RESPONSE required.

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