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Criminology and Terrorists

Select a terrorist from the options listed below and write an essay about that individual. The goal of this essay is to give you an opportunity to become
familiar with a well-known radical extremist and to critically assess that person’s activities. A second goal is to give you the chance to put yourself in that
person’s shoes and to think creatively about alternative violent strategies. Lastly, this assignment incorporates key concepts covered in the course materials
and gives me an opportunity to assess your familiarity with these concepts. I strongly encourage you to review the lectures and readings to ensure that you
are presenting a scholarly perspective informed by the course content. You should answer the following questions:
Briefly summarize the individual’s life (this may include place of birth, education, family background, social activities, etc.). Your summary should not exceed
two pages.
Using your definition from the beginning of the semester, determine whether this person is a terrorist and defend your determination. The definition of
terrorism to use is: 1. The Intentional use of violence or threat, 2. not carried out on orders from government to sub-state actors(aka military personal), 3.
intended target must be non-combatants(aka not against active military persons, that would be insurgency), the terrorist has political, social or economic
goals. and the the message is intended for a larger audience beyond just the target.
Describe what is known about the radicalization process for this person. Discuss applicable mechanisms and models of radicalization in your essay. Be
detailed and critical in your analysis