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Criminal justice research in the USA

Using CURRENT criminal justice research in the USA from the last 3 years and CURRENT EVENTS in the USA within the LAST YEAR, please connect to class lecture and the assigned reading in the text by developing an informed opinion on ONE of the following topics or questions:
1. Use of lethal vs non-lethal force in policing
2. Should marijuana use be considered as a pre-employment disqualification for police officers?
3. How are Machiavelli’s leadership views instructive for today’s police leadership?
4. Use of social media by police agencies for internal investigations or pre-employment background checks on police officers.
It is expected that students will follow the Connection Essay Requirements in the Class Syllabus.

Differentiate between the various types of police executives and supervisory positions
Examine the qualifications (including the interviewing, background checks and psychological testing) of entry-level police officers and police leaders
Describe how police officers and police administrators manage the use of force
Trace the historical and social evolution of policing
Examine some contemporary uses and problems involved with police uses of social media
Analyze the legal and psychological aspects of today’s police uniforms and dress codes