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Creativity as a Change Agent

Creativity as a Change Agent
Paper details:

The Creative Present” Paper Due 05/09/16: Interview a leader within the business/accounting field of interest. The goal of your interview is to learn more about the current and creative changes with this career field. What’s new? What innovative? What’s current? What is creative about what’s new and what’s current. Within the paper: (1) summarize the content of the interview and the creative changes that are happening now; (2) provide your own reflections on how and why these changes are indeed creative, what is the intent of the creative change and what are the intended outcomes? (3) Discuss these ideas with the leader you interviewed and analyze his/her thinking; (4) Refer to how our course readings relate to this discussion–either Creativity or The Tipping Point.

Your paper should be 4 to 5 pages, double spaced Note well: This paper must be e-mailed to the individual you interviewed with a thank you note expressing your gratitude for their time. Be sure to copy (CC) the instructor when sending this email & load it into our digital drop box.


Grades may include a “+” or “-” as the report merits them, especially as they fit some or all of the characteristics in a given category or as categories overlap.

A At this level the student creates an informational interview in the following manner:

1. Clearly and comprehensively summarizes the informational interview and the perspectives of the interviewee in relation to the development of creative trends.

2. Clearly reflects upon the topics expressed during the interview and expands upon them.

3. Analyzes essay with the support of course readings, clearly recognizing how they relate to an analysis of the creative trends within student’s field.

-presents a full understanding of their field

-uses multiple paragraphs and sequential organization

-presents concrete observations and analysis

-balances descriptions with a clear reflections

-controls mechanical and grammatical considerations effectively

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