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Creating Your Own Division

Congratulations, you just became a senior administrator (VP for Students Affairs, Provost, VP Enrollment
Management, Athletic Director)! The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize the comprehensive content
from the course as well as examine your professional identity. You will create your ideal institutional division. In
creating your division, you should situate the division within a larger institutional context (geographic location,
institutional type, etc.) and should discuss the model(s) utilized in development of the division. In
conceptualizing the division, you should include what functional areas will be present, how the division will be
structured, and prepare a mission statement for their division that is reflective of their desired culture and
model. How will you support diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity within your division? Finally, you should
identify specific strategies you will utilize for onboarding new staff members and supporting the continued
professional growth of existing staff members.