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Country run by an unstable leadership.

I. The PromptsQ1. “North Korea has shown itself to be an unpredictable country run by an unstable
leadership.It is an odious regime that has shown itself more than willing to use force whenever it suits its
purposes.Further, if we do not roll back its nuclear arsenal and missile program, it will represent an imminent
threat to the security of the region and a proliferation danger for the entire world.Every attempt to negotiatewith
this regime has met with utter failure, so all thoughts of further talks should be abandoned. North Korea is a
vestige of the Cold Warthat we should have taken care of long ago. It is time to adopt a more forceful course of
Q2. “We should withdraw or greatly reduce the US military, economicand political presence in East Asia. Asia’s
security situation is relatively stable, so the is no longer necessary to ensure regional stability. America does
not have strong interests in the region, and the costs of our past empire have become too high. As our
economy has weakened, our two main allies, Japan and South Korea, have become rich enough to pay for
their own defense. America will be better off if we draw down our commitments to the region, even if that
means that someone else assumes the leadership role.