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Consultancy Project Proposal (Part 1)

Consultancy Project Proposal (Part 1)

Identifying and developing a consultancy relationship with clients requires that you clearly demonstrate the problem or opportunity you intend to address. From a project management perspective, it is important that project managers understand this because their role often entails relieving a problem or exploiting an opportunity for the client. Consequently, in this unit’s Project, you will develop the first part of a consultancy project proposal that clearly provides the business context, clarifies the business problem or opportunity and states the aim and objectives for the proposed consultancy. You should also include a section which describes your credentials and suitability for the project.

To prepare for your Unit 3 Project:

  • Review the Readings from this unit and from the preceding units
  • Research the wider business context of your selected organisation.
  • Research in more detail the specific issue that presents a potential problem or opportunity for your selected organisation, based on the area you identified and discussed in Unit 2.

To complete your Unit 3 Project:

  • Prepare the first section of a proposal on your candidate organisation (no more than 3,000 words), in which you analyse and present the following:
    • A brief overview of the organisation and its business and competitive environment.
    • A critical development of the project management-related problem or opportunity.
    • A proposal statement describing the management solution to be provided through a consultancy project, including its aims and objectives.
    • A description of the approach, methods, tools and techniques you will use to successfully undertake the consultancy.
  • Be sure to include references to all sources, including your Readings, in Harvard Referencing Style.

Examples of relevant management solutions for a consultancy proposal:

  • Implementation of a multi-project infrastructure
  • Introducing company-wide project risk-management procedures
  • Redesign of the project information system
  • Design and implementation of a code of ethics for projects
  • Creation of a project-based innovation effort
  • Increase of overall business performance and measurement of results

Word count: the suggested word count for this assignment is 3,000 words.
Advice on word count: Submissions that range from 10% below to 10% above the recommended word count are acceptable. Students should recognise that assignment submissions that fall outside these parameters may be marked down. This restriction encourages the development of a concise writing style, as assignment quality is likely to suffer given the potential for overly verbose submissions. The policy is available to review on page 16 of the University of Roehampton Online Policies document, which can be found here.

Assessment and Grading

This Project submission accounts for 30% of your grade for this module. Review the Project Rubric for information on how your assignment will be graded.

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