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Consultancy Practice: A Reflection on Practice

This third unit offers one assessment – a ‘Project’, which is to be submitted by the end of the unit. This is worth 50% of the overall module grade.

This second half of the module Project requires you to develop and present a clear plan of work for undertaking the consultancy, analyse the different internal and external aspects that you will need to consider as part of your project, explain how you will apply your professional skills to ensure that the outcomes of the consultancy are positively received by various stakeholders, and discuss the steps you will take to build a long-term relationship with your client.

To prepare for this Project:

  • Review the Readings from this unit and from the preceding units
  • Review your learning on project planning and planning tools.
  • Research in more detail the specific skills that are required to successfully undertake a consultancy project, taking into account consultancy and project management characteristics.

To complete this Individual Project:

  • Prepare Part 2 of your consultancy project proposal on your candidate organisation (5,000 words), in which you provide the following:
    • A clear project plan using the project life-cycle or similar model.
    • A critical review of the consultancy project planning and implementation tools.
    • An analysis of the internal and external factors to consider in order to successfully undertake the consultancy project.
    • A discussion on how you will demonstrate added value and create the foundations for a long-term consultancy relationship with your client.
  • Be sure to include references to all sources, including your Readings, in Harvard Referencing Style.

Submit your Project by the end of the unit. Be sure to submit by the end of this unit in order to receive timely feedback. Contact your Faculty Member for permission to submit an assignment early, to submit an assignment after the end of the unit, or to re-submit an assignment on which you have already received feedback.

Your total submission should be approximately 5,000 words in length.
Advice on word count: Submissions that range from 10% below to 10% above the recommended word count are acceptable. Students should recognise that assignment submissions that fall outside these parameters may be marked down. This restriction encourages the development of a concise writing style, as assignment quality is likely to suffer given the potential for overly verbose submissions. The policy is available to review on page 16 of the University of Roehampton Online Policies document, which can be found 

Assessment and Grading

This Project submission accounts for 50% of your grade for this module. Review the Project Rubric for information on how your assignment will be graded.

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