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Constructing a Diary Entry

Construct a Diary Entry for 5 of the days you are on placement in your Childcare Setting. Choose 5days out of your total amount of days completed to complete hours’ minimum. The word count for each diary should not exceed 550words (+/-10%)
Ensure the 5 Days chosen are interesting and:
• Describe your immediate Setting, Room Type, Children’s Age group, Number of Children in your care, Ratios.
• Highlight Routine followed Arrival Times, Involvement in implementing Activities, Feeding and Sleeping Times, provide/draw a clear timetable.
• Discuss Daily living tasks carried out e.g. Caring for a Child, Feeding a child, Changing a child.
• Communication with all Stake Holders – Children, Parents, and Staff.
• Identify situations which may have arisen- issues and challenges encountered by you during your Work Experience Hours e.g. helping a child settle into the Childcare Setting, an issue could be a child in your care behaviour and a Challenge could be a Child who does not wish to eat their dinner.
Your total hours worked should accumulate to 150 hours, so this will entail more than 5 days but again choose 5 busy, varied and interesting days.

Give details of any new learning that has occurred over your work placement.
• Did you face any challenges on your work placement? Give details of how you faced
this challenge and resolved the situation.
• What positive experiences did you encounter as part of your work placement?
• Would you do anything differently for a future Work Experience placement?

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