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Conducting your sociological observation

Some behaviors you might observe while you are conducting your sociological observation:
• Eye contact: Do people avoid making eye contact with you?
• Body language: Do people change their posture near you? Do they move away from you? Do they stop to see what you aredoing?
• Facial expressions: Do people give you a strange look? Do they appear to be confused by your behavior? Suspicious? Amused? Indifferent? What does
their facial expression look like and what does itsuggest?
• Ignoring you: Do people seem to simply ignore you? What about their behavior suggests that they are ignoring you?
• Social factors: Did you feel your gender or expression of gender, race, ethnicity, or age affected how people responded to your presence? Did you see a
difference in how people were treated based on their gender or expression of gender, race, ethnicity, or age?