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Conducting Qualitative Research

Conducting Qualitative Research

Application: Conducting Qualitative Research

As a scholar practitioner, it is imperative that you have the skills to deconstruct research articles and determine the degree to which research findings can be applied to practice. Like quantitative methods, qualitative research methods have unique strengths and limitations that must be understood in order to fully evaluate a qualitative study.

This week, you discover the distinctive characteristics of qualitative research designs and their applicability to the world of counseling, and you evaluate a qualitative study published in a professional counseling journal.

The assignment: (2–3 pages)

For this assignment, you examine the third type of qualitative research.

Provide a full citation of the article.
Provide a brief description of the study and the design employed.
Analyze the strengths and limitations of that design in studying the identified topic and provide a description of your analysis.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are required to provide a reference list and to appropriately cite, in APA style, all references used within your assignment.

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