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Concert Report (opera)

Write a brief essay describing and analyzing your “experience” as well as the musical sounds you heard. You are welcome to discuss other aspects of the performance, but at least half of your paper should discuss the actual music. Your essay should include:

An Introduction: Provide a brief opening paragraph that is clear and elegant. Set the stage for your reader and let him/her know what to expect.
Content Paragraphs: The content of your essay is fairly open-ended and up to you. You are free to discuss one piece/song from the performance in depth, or you may choose to touch upon many of the pieces you heard. Either way, focus your paper on those musical elements you deem most significant or interesting. Your paper should demonstrate a command of your understanding of the musical elements covered in lecture. Try to make sophisticated musical observations and use clear, objective language to express them. Avoid lapsing into a running commentary on how the music made you feel as you listened. Other possible items you may wish to include: a description of the venue, the interaction of performer(s) with each other or with the audience (or with the conductor), a description of the audience members [if the audience is shown] (Who are they? Why are they there? How do they engage with the music?). It might be helpful to come up with a list of questions ahead of time, so you know what you’re listening/watching for during the performance. For songs/pieces you discuss that include text, look up the lyrics so you can point to specific verses/words (especially if you’re discussing word painting or specific examples of musical elements).
A Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion that wraps up your experience. Your essay shouldn’t feel like it simply stops! Possible concluding thoughts to explore: Is this a type of performance you would normally attend? How might your experience have been different if you attended the show live? What do you miss out on by watching a recorded performance? Is there anything you gain by experiencing the show this way? Etc.