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Concept map for the disease process osteomylitis

1) Diagnosis – name and definition of the diagnosis 2) Three nursing diagnoses properly formatted – can only use ONE “risk for” Logical prioritization of the three nursing diagnoses 3) Pertinent assessment findings – are there any pertinent findings you would expect to find in your initial shift assessment? 4) Signs and symptoms – which s/s are typical for this disease process? Many of these may overlap with assessment findings, but also may include more chronic findings. Ex: with CHF the patient might not be experiencing SOB during your assessment, but that is a symptom they would have been experiencing prior to the hospitalization. 5) Pathophysiology 6) Labs and Diagnostics – you may only have labs OR diagnostics for this disease process, but which are typically ordered and why? 7) Medications – link to the nursing diagnoses if possible, but give me the top 3 meds typically ordered for this disease, using the same categories as your weekly write-up 8) Education – what education would a patient need for this disease process? 9) RN Interventions – five total (may overlap with nursing diagnosis), reminder that an assessment alone isn’t enough, you must act on the information. Tell me why that intervention is being used. 10) Causes/Risk Factors – at least three 11) Collaborative interventions and treatments – RT? PT? OT? Spiritual care? Social Work? Which ones and why?