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Computers Information Technology Discussion

1. Business discussion

“Are you born or made a leader?” Please respond to the following:

Go to the Psychology Today Website and read the article titled “Leaders: Born or Made?” located at Then choose two (2) of your favorite leaders, and discuss whether you believe each of the chosen people were born or made leaders. Make sure to give supporting statements as to why you believe a certain way.

2. Algebra with Applications
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“Share your ALEKS success!” Please respond to the following:

As you work on mastering topics in ALEKS, reflect on your ALEKS success story of the week. It can be a topic that you see a real-life application for or a topic that you worked hard on. Share your story in the discussion so that your classmates can share in your success.

3. Computers Information Technology Discussion

“Images and Templates” Please respond to the following:

Explain whether or not you believe including images in documents is a professional option when creating a document. Justify your response with at least one (1) example.
Go to Microsoft Office’s Website, and view the business templates. Examine the resume themes, letter themes, fax themes, report themes, and any additional themes that you find interesting. Next, determine whether or not you believe Office templates provide users with an advantage over creating a document from scratch. Then, select one (1) template and explain the manner in which users would benefit from using the template in question in creating either a business or personal document.

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