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Comprehension Task

Step 1: please Respond to the 5 questions below please don’t miss a question or a sentence.

Question #1
Label the below sentences as simple, compound, or complex, or compound-complex.

  1. Jimmy asked Jane a question.
  2. That Steve was confused by the question concerned his teacher.
  3. John enjoys Pilates.
  4. He threw the ball but it was not caught by anyone.
  5. That he threw the ball so far surprised his friends so no one caught it.
  6. He worked hard and found success.
  7. The three angelic singers were happy because the audience enjoyed their concert.
  8. He ran to the store which was open late and bought the necessary ingredients.
    Question #2
    Identify the adverbial clause(s) in each sentence below.
    • Underline the subordinating conjunction(s)
    • Label each adverb clause’s modifying function as ‘time’, ‘reason’, ‘place’, or ‘condition’.
  9. The committee will make their decision before the sun goes down.
  10. I will find him wherever he lives in Europe because I need revenge!
  11. I worked hard even though I knew I had no chance of succeeding.
  12. I slept in this morning because I had to study late last night.
  13. Alice, although she felt sick, went to work because she needed money to buy a new suitcase before she travelled home for Christmas.
    Question #3
    Identify the noun clause(s) in each sentence below.
    • Underline the noun clause
    • Label each noun clause as ‘Subject’, ‘Extraposed Subject’, ‘Direct Object’, or ‘Complement’.
  14. That his father had not retired intrigued Bill’s new wife.
  15. The answer is that you do not know the answer!
  16. It is surprising that you are not willing to compromise with me.
  17. That all her money was gone surprised no one.
  18. I recognize that you are not happy, but it is concerning that you will not talk about it.

Question #4
Take the four sentences below, and create a:
• A restrictive relative clause
• A nonrestrictive relative clause
• A reduced relative clause using Whiz-Deletion
• A reduced relative clause without using Whiz-Deletion
(Note: this is 4 sentences total, you must choose which sentence set is the best fit for each relative clause type).

  1. He is a lawyer. He worked the famous bank robbery trial in Payne County.
  2. I will meet you at the coffee shop. The coffee shop is next to the Burger King.
  3. Those Duracell batteries are almost out of energy. We have used those batteries for over a year.
  4. My best friend Steve really enjoys the beaches of Hawaii. Steven is an excellent surfer.

Question #5
For the sentence below, identify ALL CLAUSES.
• Label each clause as being either ‘coordination’ OR ‘subordination’
• If coordinating, identify the coordinating conjunction
• If subordinating, label as adverb clause, noun clause, or relative clause
o For all adverb clauses, identify the subordinate conjunction AND mark for ‘time’, ‘place’, ‘reason’, ‘condition’;
o For all noun clauses, identify as ‘subject’, ‘extrapolated’, ‘object’, or ‘complement’;
o For all relative clauses, identify as ‘restrictive’, ‘nonrestrictive’, or ‘reduced’.

Robin Hood, who was a famous archer who lived in Nottingham forest, was angry with King John because he did not agree that the king’s economic policies helped the less fortunate people who lived in the suburbs of Nottingham so Robin stole the money from the king.

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