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Competitive strategy for integrated hospitality enterprises

Reflect on your work and life experiences, and identify a scenario in which a carefully planned
strategy was ‘brought down’ by implementation-related factors. Note: If you do not have such an example from
your own life, feel free to research one and share, making sure to cite properly.
When presenting your ‘case’ please describe the case, using concepts and materials from the week’s lesson to
explore why strategy was impacted by implementation, how it was impacted and what should have, could have
been done differently.
I have very little time to grade this submission, so please keep your submission to a maximum 250 words. All I
am really looking for here is for you to present a case through which you show understanding of
implementation and its role in strategy and how implementation failures can impact strategies (even those
seeming so perfect on paper). In short, reflect on your case in point, with an eye towards recognizing the role
of implementation within the larger strategic management process.
Watch two video to write this paper.