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comparing the U.S. Constitution to another constitution


Prompt: Write a 1-2 page essay comparing the U.S. Constitution to a constitution from another country. How does it differ or resemble the United States Constitution? For example, does it provide for a legislative, executive, and judicial branches? Does it allow for each branch to check on the powers of the other two? Does it have a federalist system? Are there any Bill of Rights? Are there any other limits on the government’s power, such as elections like we have in the United States? What type of government does it establish? Please be sure to discuss and explain these differences and similarities. You may include additional differences or similarities.

Please be sure to have read Chapter 2 in our textbook to better understand our US Constitution and answer these questions. The text of the United States Constitution is located at the back of our textbook on page 539. You will need to do outside research on a constitution from another country to answer the above questions for this paper.

Due Date: Friday, July 12th by 11:59PM in “Turnitin” link located in Blackboard under the “Unit 1” folder. Please be sure to keep a screen shot that the paper was submitted.

Basic Requirements:

For this assignment, your paper must be organized as follows: an introductory paragraph outlining the topic under consideration and previews the structure of the paper. The body of the paper presenting your findings, arguments, and analysis of the issue. In the final paragraph, students will summarize their arguments and conclude the paper.


Students must use 12 pt. New Times Roman font, double-spaced, with page numbers at the bottom center of each page. Papers should be no more than two pages in length. The student’s name, course title, and date must be in the top left of the first page. Title page is not necessary. Please proofread and spell check your papers. You may not turn in a paper that you have done for another class, either this semester or previous semesters as these instances are considered plagiarism under university regulations.

Citation Requirements:

To avoid the charge of plagiarism, anytime you quote directly, report findings, statistics, describe an author’s argument, or paraphrase their ideas, you must cite a source. There is no need to provide a citation for information that is widely known. In this class, we will be using parenthetical notations. This means that students will cite the author in the text of your paper and also reference in a Works Cited page that you will attach at the end of your paper. Please see below links for examples on how to make parenthetical references in the text. Students should use either the MLA , APA, or the Chicago style manual for citations. Students should review what constitutes plagiarism; failure to use necessary citations may result in a reduced or failing grade for the assignment.

Below are some citation and writing resources that you might find useful for your writing assignment. If you have any questions on how to cite your sources, please be sure to contact me via email or see me during my office hours. Our library and the writing center on campus can also provide you with valuable feedback if you have any questions with how to write and cite sources.

Rubric is on the next page.


Rubric for Homework Assignment #1

  Excellent Good Fair Unacceptable
Title Heading and page format requirements

(5 points)

Your name, date, course number, page numbers, and font style (5) Evidence of four (4) Evidence of three (3) Evidence of two and less (0)

(5 points)

The introduction is engaging, states the main topic and previews the structure of the paper. (5) The introduction states the main topic, and previews the structure of the papers. (3-4) The introduction states the main topic but does not adequately preview the structure of the paper. (1-2)


There is no clear introduction or main topic and the structure of the paper is missing. (0)



(20 points)

Each paragraph has thoughtful supporting detail and accurate sentences that develop the main ideas. (16-20)


Each paragraph has sufficient supporting detail and accurate sentences that develop the main idea. (11-15) Each paragraph lacks supporting detail and somewhat accurate sentences. (6-10)


Each paragraph fails to develop the main idea and lacks accurate sentences. (0-5)


Organization-structural development of ideas

(5 points)

Writer demonstrates logical and subtle sequencing of ideas through well-developed paragraphs, transitions are used to enhance organization. (5) Paragraph development present but not perfected.


Logical organization; organization of ideas not fully developed. (1-2)


No evidence of structure or organization. (0)



(5 points)

The conclusion is engaging and restates the introduction. (5)


The conclusion restates the thesis. (3-4)


The conclusion does not adequately restate the introduction. (1-2) Incomplete and/or unfocused. (0)


Citation/Work Cited Page

(5 points)

Several supporting

references is presented in

correct format greatly add to

reader’s understanding of the

main topic. (5)

Some supporting references presented in the

correct format.(3-4)

Some supporting references presented in an incorrect format.(1-2) No supporting references.



(5 points)

No errors in sentence structure and word usage. (5)


Almost no errors in sentence structure and word usage.(3-4) Many errors in sentence structure and word usage. (1-2)


Numerous and distracting errors in sentence structure and word usage. (0)



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