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Compare and contrast task and treatment groups.

Compare and contrast task and treatment groups.

Group work offers many benefits that cannot be achieved through individual therapy alone. The most obvious benefit is group member validation. The knowledge that you are not alone and are not the only person who has experienced that particular issue can foster a strong sense of hope.
However, groups also present challenges from different personalities and behaviors that disrupt group dynamics and function. As a social worker, you will need to take different roles to manage the challenges in order to create a safer space for clients to engage in their work.
In this Discussion, you describe a group you may be interested in facilitating and potential challenges you may experience. With colleagues, you discuss how to apply specific intervention skills to address the challenges.

Discussion Post:
Compare task groups versus treatment groups.
Describe a type of treatment group you would like to facilitate as a social worker (educational group, support group, self-help group, and therapy group).
Explain what professional role you may take when facilitating this group.
Describe what is meant by group norms and explain how you would help shape these norms based on your role in the group.
Explain what is meant by group roles. Identify at least one group role and explain why a group member may take that role.
Describe a group member role that might be most challenging to you as a group leader and explain why.

Several interpersonal job students may request themselves, “What is really a task team? Why should I be worried about exactly what makes an activity group of people manage more effectively? ” The vast majority of individuals have took part in a task team, but might not have named it by name. Learning the capabilities that give rise to being a powerful job group of people head may help make sure that your process class practical experience is positive and effective 1.

Compare task groups versus treatment groups

Career companies are sets of men and women helped bring together to obtain a certain measure or produce a product. For those who have participated in a school setting up the meeting, been part of a committee, signed up with a therapies team meeting, been elected to pupil government bodies, or signed up with an interpersonal motion group, you may have already known a job team actually operational. For a lot of, the event might not have been a confident one, for the reason that functioning a strong process group requires a variety of abilities. Several sociable operate students are often in the task of major job groups whilst they happen to be in an organization or very shortly afterward. Establishing an understanding of the ingredients which are straight into a successful procedure team, with pleased individuals, is crucial.

Five areas that are frequently reported with the specialists on job teams are the five C’s: Management, Discord, Communication, Consensus, and Cohesion. The five C’ can make or split a job group of people with practical experience.

Groups are vibrant and water, which frequently means that the 5 C’s will be interrelated and interlocked. All can influence participant pleasure and ultimately the degree of success the audience can have getting its goals. Thinking of some of the stumbling blocks that project groupings may go through, and several techniques that may help you prevent them could help you make for your own personal process class expertise.


Maybe you have experienced the management vacuum? A frontrunner has become appointed, nevertheless, the group of people feels as though a dispatch without having one at the helm. No one clarifies the goal of the audience or confirms cement desired goals that could be assessed. There is no plan and group conversations meander through several subject areas. Participants feel they can be throwing away their time, simply because there is nothing becoming attained. On the opposing intense is the super dealing with a director who helps make the associates feel as if they are working with a handle freak. The first choice imposes his/her own goal and refuses any fellow member input. The leader is insensitive to the members’ needs or rigid about letting extra time to procedure an essential decision.

Sociable staff may experience uneasiness about presuming an authority part, but many teams need to have someone to carry out the control characteristics to fulfill their objective. Frontrunners are often liable for convening gatherings, chairing discussion posts, and assisting the operations of meeting desired goals.

Describe a type of treatment group you would like to facilitate as a social worker (educational group, support group, self-help group, and therapy group).

One technique for executives is to get ready for conferences by having a written agenda. Executives should orient a group of people associates at the beginning and also as new participants join so that all associates recognize who is in the team and just what is the group’s goal. Frontrunners should start off events as close to punctually as possible and conclude punctually. Also, preventing long events is generally a great idea people may find it difficult remaining targeted in meetings that are over 2 hours. Discussions must be refocused when members keep caught up on one stage endlessly or drift on long tangents.

Leaders should use social work expertise for example requesting available-ended concerns, paraphrasing, and summarizing to aid assist in effective discussion posts. Somebody should be appointed to hold a few minutes of gatherings. Minutes or so ought to be evaluated prior to the upcoming reaching to point out to members and managers what was attained and what still has to be carried out. Placing some reasonable targets which can be arrived at in early stages may help group members experience the group includes a purpose. Regarding the group of people participants whenever you can in establishing team policies and project assignments will be sending a message to associates their contributions are valued.


Several sociable personnel has already been part of a team the location where the entire meeting was spent arguing over every decision. The associates wind up feeling as should they be taking part in World War III. Some people may get irritated and decrease out. But the conflict-free group can often be just as frustrating. Being a member of a group where no person seems they are able to elevate a differing perspective for concern with creating discord, frequently causes associates to look as well as selections they don’t accept and can not help in the long term.

Group frontrunners should anticipate some level of conflict as an element of a wholesome team approach and not see the clash as a sign of malfunction. Class members should be asked to give their enter, while simultaneously, the first choice should assist participants to foresee that there could be variations of viewpoint. Executives should never switch subject areas or finish dialogue whenever you will discover an indication of the probable clash but should intercede every time conflictual talk movements to a personal degree or continues on for so long that it feels unproductive. Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills can help resolve conflicts in an effective way. Managers should avoid leaving behind the most conflictual items till the conclusion of the plan because gatherings should not finish on the conflictual take note.


In any type of group, the conversation is essential, simply because miscommunication more often than not leads to problems. In job teams, diverse connection variations can produce a condition where team associates misinterpret information and crash to have a correct dialogue. This may be very true in project teams composed of associates from diverse disciplines or of neighborhood organizations with many nonprofessionals. A doctor might use skilled lingo which happens to be pointless to other groups of people members who are involved in a release conference. A group coordinator may come to a gathering to organize a voter enrollment generate in the Spanish language-talking area, unable to interact with anything at all because he or she doesn’t articulate the Spanish language. Surely nothing is much more painful than getting into a team where no person will say anything at all. The silence is deafening.

Communicating ideas and achieving a conversation among participants is extremely important in getting to class desired goals. Executives should promote and version great connection actions, including no conversing over other folks, no interrupting, and the application of “I records.” Leaders should get involved when people are potentially misinterpreting messages and ask for clarification in the participant having just talked.