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Compare and contrast Derrick Jensen’s thinking about the modern industrial education system with Dmnd Foster Wallace’s remarks about the “real” value of an education.

Compare and contrast Derrick Jensen’s thinking about the modern industrial education system with Dmnd Foster Wallace’s remarks about the “real” value of an education.
(Hint: first briefly summarize what they have to say about education and then note the similarities and differences).
2. Compute the wllltingjottrncys of Cheryl Strayed in Wild and Andrew Forstaffle in the “This American Life“ radio episode “Hit the Road.” What major differences and similarities do you see in their perambulations?
3. One meaning of the word “wild“-when used as an adjective and in reference to human psychology-is: “not subject to restraint or regulation.” Another definition is something that goes “beyond normal or conventional bounds.” Traditionally, then to be-wild is to break mics, to transgress norms. What does it mean to be wild according to Cheryl Strayed and Robert Bly (specifically in Iron IoIm)’.’ Do you think these authors are advocating amoral behavior or do you think they see wildness as useful even moral?

4. Pick any one of the poems that I gave you as a handout over the past two weeks-not a poem from All-American Poem-and summarize what the poem is about on the surface level and then briefly discuss what deeper significance the poem has.
5 Explain what James Tate argues are the critical differences between poetry and prose in his short Introduction” from The Ben American Poetry I997.
6. Explain Robert BI)/’s argument about a great work of art in his essay from Leaping Poetry. Be sure to mention the relationship between art and Christian ethics the conscious and what Bly calls the “leap.”
7. Explain the advice David Foster Wallace offers in his commencement speech to Kenyon College This is Water. Be sure to mention what Wallace calls 1) the default setting. 2) the distinction between the capacity to think and choosing what to think about. 3) inevitability of worship. and 4) your own thoughts about Wallace‘:

i. Jonathan Franzen gives in his commencement speech to Kenyon Coley “Pain Won’t Kill You.” excerpted from his book of essays Farther Away.  the between liking (as construed by techno-consumerism)

Derrick Jensen’s

Derrick Jensen’s generic strategies indicate the approaches that can be adopted by an organization to improve its competitiveness and overall performance in the industry. Looking at the four different strategic approaches, it can be deduced that the traditional strategic approach adopted by American airlines is differentiation. The company focuses on providing unique quality services to customers in the entire aviation market. As much as the approach has enabled the company to build a strong brand name the high cost involved has resulted in the higher flight charges. These charges while associated with a premium class are not acceptable to all customers, especially those that do not consider luxury as a major requirement of flight services. The high costs charged by the organization thus limit its ability to attract a wide range of customers.
In a volatile industry such as the aviation sector, the adoption of a single strategic approach is not sufficient in ensuring a higher competitive advantage is accomplished. There are four different types of strategies that can be employed by an organization, differentiation, cost leadership, cost focus and differentiation focus. Since American airlines have adopted the differentiation strategy in their management, the company should thus consider incorporating the aspect of cost leadership in their strategic management. Adoption of the cost leadership strategy will ensure that the organization minimizes its overall production costs and flight charges to strengthen its competitive advantage in the industry.
Implementing the cost leadership strategy
Compare and contrast Derrick Jensen’s thinking about the modern industrial education system with Dmnd Foster Wallace’s remarks about the “real” value of an education. Different theories have been put forth to guide the implementation of new strategies to address problems in an organizational set-up. The thinking process theory is one of the theories that is adopted to guide the identification of a problem in a company and develop a suitable strategy to guide the attainment of the desired solution. The theory holds that the solution to any issue within the organization can be achieved by focusing on five steps of change. These include, identifying the problem, decide on how to exploit the problem, coordinate every activity based on the decision made, and elevate the performance of the problem.
The major constraint in the organization is the high flight prices charged by American airlines in their provision of services. It is evident that the prices are higher than those charged by its rivals in the industry. This high price makes American airlines vulnerable to the low-cost carriers, thus the issue of intense competition and negative impacts on performance.
Turning the problem into an opportunity is a sure way of getting a solution. American airline can create an opportunity out of the problem of fierce competition and low prices from low-cost carriers. Most low-cost airlines have managed to win the price wars; however, they are not without some challenges. The low-cost airlines mainly focus on moving passengers from one point to the next without taking into consideration their experience during the trip. In fact, most of them do not focus on provision of luxury services. This is a point that American airline can us to attract more customers irrespective of the differences in fares. A marketing campaign or an advertisement can be made that emphasize the additional services and benefits offered by American airline that cannot be obtained from low-cost carriers.
Reducing the fixed costs is also another way of lowering the operational costs and consequently the flight charges. American airline can consider minimizing the costs of its production by reducing the number of its hubs and operating in high demand routes to always operate on full capacity.
Investing in the opportunity is a step that must be undertaken by the organization for the problem to be fully resolved. Financing the marketing campaigns and controlling the activities of the marketing team is mandatory to ensure that the operational costs are minimal. An evaluation of the performance achieved should be done to ensure that the constraint is eliminated. Adhering to the five steps is a sure way of getting suitable solutions for any problem identified in the organization.
Evaluation of the strategy
A feasibility study is conducted to ascertain the relevance and the viability of the proposals made to American airline. It is proposed that the organization should carry out a marketing campaign that will discredit the low prices charged by its competitors. Secondly, it is proposed that the organization should minimize the hidden costs associated with operating an airline. The feasibility study focuses on evaluating the technological, economic, political and operational viability of the solutions. Marketing campaigns do not require any sophisticated technical knowhow that cannot be accessed by American airline; also, the economic benefit of carrying out the campaigns is significant further enhancing the viability of the project. The marketing campaigns are likely to be sustainable since the information on the prices charged by the low-cost carriers is readily available.
Lowering the number of hubs and operating in full capacity are changes that are feasible. The modifications do not require any additional costs, thus the organization can easily implement them. Also, the changes will reduce the operational costs giving the company an opportunity to revise its flight charges to attract more customers. The two proposed solutions are not only viable but are also relevant in addressing the problem identified within the organization.
The current report focused on evaluating the problem faced by American airlines and offering solutions to address the issues. The major problem identified was intense competition from low cost airlines and thus a reduced market share and performance of the company. Analysis of the competition in the industry and the strengths and weaknesses indicates that the low-cost carriers pose a great challenge to the company. The reduction in market share, net income and revenue growth further justify the negative impacts of the intense competition on the performance of American airline. Even though the low-cost airlines have succeeded in their price wars, they have failed to offer quality travel experience to the customers. American airline can employ a comparative form of marketing campaign where it compares its services with those of its competitors and communicate the hidden costs in the latter case. Informing the customers of the benefits of the services offered by the company will improve its competitive advantage regardless of the prices. Also, the company should consider operating in limited hubs and emphasizing full capacity operations to lower its fixed cost and consequently minimize its fares in the long run. Since the recommended solutions are viable, their full implementation will contribute to enhance market share and position of American airlines in the aviation sector.


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