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Paper details:

Due: Thursday, Dec. 10, submitted via Canvas or in person. Worth 30 points. Five points will be deducted per day for late assignments. No late assignments will be

accepted after the Unit 4 test.

Project Description: For this assignment, you will choose a work of art we have studied in class and

analyze its formal and cultural elements. Then, you will create your own work based on the image you have chosen, drawing upon your own cultural and visual experience. Finally, you will compare and contrast your creation with the original work in an artist’s statement.

Format: Four paragraphs, double-spaced, 12-point font with one-inch margins. Attach an image of your creation to your written component before submitting it. Selfies are encouraged!

Your final project should include ALL of the components listed below:

1. A two-paragraph formal and contextual analysis.

In the first paragraph, identify the work you have selected by title, artist (if known), culture, date(if known) and medium. Briefly describe the work, its subject, and its purpose. Relate the art object to the historical and cultural conditions that contributed to its creation.

Artists convey meaning through the subjects they choose, but also through color, line, shape, form, or other visual elements. In the second paragraph of your project, explain how the artist conveys his or her meaning through visual elements. If the art is made for a particular place, consider the setting and audience, as well.

2. An art project based on the chosen work. Create an object based on the work you selected. Your creation can be in the style of, inspired by, or a reaction to the work you selected. Your medium can be pencil, painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, photograph, video, interior design, fashion–whatever you choose. You do not need to be an accomplished artist—you will not be graded on artistic ability, but rather on your engagement with the material and your responses to questions posed in the assignment.

3. A one-paragraph artist’s statement explaining your own artistic choices and how they relate to the artwork that served as your inspiration:

– Why did you choose the subject matter? medium? style? How do your choices compare and contrast with those of the artist?- How does your creation speak to your own cultural influences and the world around you?- What did you learn about the artist, yourself, and the creative process as you made yourobject?

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