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Company cultural audit on McDonalds


The Brand – First, Mcdonalds is the company used by our team to conduct the “Cultural Audit” exercise. Remember that in this exercise you chose a brand from your home market(America) that you think is an icon of your local culture and conducted a cultural audit. That is, you described your home culture, and analyzed the brand in terms of country-of-origin associations (i.e., strength), associations with cultural meanings, and the cultural authority/stature of your chosen brand.

The Target Market – Second, choose a target market one of the cultures used by the group members. The only constraint for choosing the target market is that the culture of such market should not be the same one directly associated with the brand you just chose.

The Problem –

Now, imagine that you want to introduce/grow the brand in the target market you just selected and do the following:

1 – Develop a cultural positioning for the brand in the target culture. Using the concepts discussed in the course, please explain why choosing this cultural positioning.

2 – Design a communication strategy to promote this cultural positioning. This includes identifying images, cultural symbols, brand personalities and values, and potential spoke persons to be included in this communication strategy.

Using the concepts discussed in this course, please explain the rational for including all these elements in your communication strategy.

Required Readings – Torelli, C., Rodas, M. A., & Stoner, J. L. (2017), The cultural meanings of brands . Foundations and Trends in Marketing, 10(3), pp. 153-214 (read only Chapters 6 & 8). (attached)

Additional Readings – Torelli, C. J., & Stoner, J. L. (2015). Managing cultural equity: A theoretical framework for building iconic brands in globalized markets.
Brand Meaning Management (pp. 99-115).
Emerald Group Publishing Limited. (attached) Torelli, C. (2013). Globalization, culture, and branding: How to leverage cultural equity for building iconic brands in the era of globalization. Springer. (Chapter 6) (attached)