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Community program ( teens in Charlotte, North Carolina tobacco use)

Paper details:
you are designing a community program based on your selected health issue ( teens in Charlotte, North Carolina tobacco use)
For the evaluation phase be SPECIFIC when you will evaluate your program. For example, I will evaluate at 6 months and one year. ** Make sure to be
SPECIFIC on your location. For example, I am gaining entry into Cape Central Middle school in Cape Girardeau.
Follow the 10 step program and explain how you would organize your program using the steps. This paper should be 2-3pages in length and uses 2
references (one can be thetext).
Headings to include: Recognizing the Issue: Gaining entry into the community: Organizing the people: Assessing the community: Determining the priorities
and setting goals: Arriving at a solution and selecting intervention strategies: Implementing the plan: Evaluating the outcomes of the plan of action:
Maintaining the outcomes in the community: Looping back around
Rubrics for paper:
Uses all 10 steps to explain program 10pts
Detailed outline of each step 16pts
Uses steps in order 5pts
Titles each step 5pts
Uses 2 scholarly references in APA format 5pts
Paper is 2-3pages 2pts
Grammar and spelling 5pts
Title page and reference page 2pts
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