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Communities Influences and Vocation

Discuss the ways various communities influence calling

Identify and discuss how your various communities influence your vocation. • Describe how various Biblical characters heard and responded to their calling

Communities and Vocation 

Every work done by an individual should be executed in a way that portrays a common good to everyone. It is required that the work undertaken in any sphere is done in a way that is not only beneficial to the executor but also to others in the community. According to Dik & Duffy (2009), God uses everyone’s contributions in this world to make it a better place and redeem the fallen world. As such every work that you do from teaching to taking care of patients, to healing and treating, must be done in a manner that offers maximum good to the general public.

Christian, Islam, and Hindu communities have a significant influence on the vocation of an individual. According to the Christian community, vocation means God’s calling of an individual to undertake a particular task. Work is important to Christians and according to them, work in any profession should be done in a way that glorifies God. In the bible, God has called different people to undertake certain roles. This calling has also been done for the chosen individuals to give guidance to others in society. The different types of calling evident in the bible are advanced below

Calling to belong to Christ and participate in his redemptive work 

In the bible, the word vocation is used to mean the calling by God for the subjects to come to Christ and undertake his redemptive work. The vocational callings are more evident in the letters of Paul. For instance, in the book of Romand individuals are called to belong to Christ. The call to Christ is basically to restore the relationship between God and the people. Christians believe that a call to Christ is deeper than the call to undertake any tasks. Participation in the redemption of the world is important and is considered primary to any other profession.

Universal Call to Work

God created people to work and always call them to do so to the level that they can achieve. At the beginning of the world’s creation, God created work in the essence of humanity. God himself started the work in the world by creating Adam and placing him in the garden. The main purpose of the creation of Adam was that he continue with the work that was started by God. As such, the call to universal work was first evident in the case of Adam. Work starts at the garden of Eden and continues through to the end of the bible. The call to work is evident in the book of Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Revelation amongst others.

In the book of Genesis, the man is created and called to work in the garden of Eden. In the book of Exodus, man is called and commanded to work for six days of the week, as the seventh day is kept holly for the sabbath. It is also stated in the bibble that any person who fails to work should not eat. Based on the bible every individual is called to work. Calling, in this case, means the creation of man and his command to work.


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