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Write an essay of between 1,500 and 2,000 words in response to the following
Harari argues that language has made it possible for humans to share a “collective
imagination,” and to inhabit a “dual reality” comprising not only objective realities
like stones and trees, but also imaginary realities like Gods, ethical principles, and
nationalities. Drawing on Harari, and at least one of the other readings on the
syllabus so far (Poe, Kovarik, Carey, Lang and Lang, and/or Standage), discuss how
media technologies contribute to shaping and sustaining this collective imagination.
In other words, write an essay discussing the relationship between media and
Your essay must have a clear main idea. That is, it should focus on making one
point in response to the prompt. This point can be about media and culture in the
abstract (i.e. “Culture is strongly influenced by media”; “Technologies both drive and
are driven by social change”), or a discussion/comparison of the authors we have
read (e.g. “Carey’s view of the relationship between culture and media technologies
is less deterministic than Poe’s”). Either way, your discussion should demonstrate
an understanding of the perspectives and arguments of the authors you cite.
Your essay must follow the formatting guidelines posted on Blackboard
Again, you argument should engage with the argument of Harari, and at least one
other author (Poe, Kovarik, Carey, Lange and Lange).

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