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Communication Research Methods Textual Analysis

Communication Research Methods Textual Analysis
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This paper is for my Communication Research Methods class. All details are here:

The goal of this assignment is to familiarize students with one type of textual analysis known as rhetorical criticism. Students learn to determine an appropriate text for analysis, and how to apply rhetorical methods to a text. Students will investigate a rhetorical artifact of their choice, and determine the ways in which gender, ethnicity, class, age, sexual orientation, etc.) is rhetorically constructed in the document.

Parameters of Assignment:
Select a text. Be sure that the form of the text you choose to analyze is as complete and accurate as possible. The text I chose is The Big Bang Theory

Once you have completed these preparatory directions, you are ready to begin your critical essay. Your essay should not exceed five pages of text.

Your essay should generally follow the format detailed below and address the questions raised in each section. In each of these sections, incorporate actual excerpts from the text wherever you deem it appropriate to justify your argument. Assume that the reader has no knowledge of the content of the text and is relying on you to describe the text.

INTRODUCTION – Provide a brief description of the nature of the text you selected, where you found it, its form, etc.
Why were you interested in this text?
What is the aim of your critical analysis?
Provide an overview of the organization of your essay.

DESCRIPTION OF TEXT – In this section, describe the text. For example, if you chose a film or a TV show, you would describe when it was released, who starred in it, what viewers and critics thought of it, the basic plotline, the genre, what type of audience it created for, how many seasons has the show been around for, etc. Assume that the reader has no prior knowledge of the text, has not seen it, read it, heard it, etc. Create a vivid description of the text so the reader can mentally envision it. (Describe the show, and Sheldon Cooper)

CONTEXT – Using outside resources, explain the overall issues of the text. A requirement of THREE outside sources are required.

DISCUSSION – In this section, analyze the concepts you identified in the text. – 2-3 themes; examples from a specific show

CONCLUSION Describe the value of textual analysis.
Issues of the text include Aspergers, Nerdiness, and Bromance

Links for the sources needed are here:

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