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communication natures, flow and climate at the workplace

The paper must include the following topics:
1. 1-4 paragraphs about the nature of your employment and its communication needs in general
2. Discuss the flow of communication for each of the following areas discuss the most frequent form(s) of communication, e-mail, phone, meetings, water cooler Downward Flow, Upward Flow, Horizontal Flow, Informal Channels–Use specific example to prove your point/s
3. Discuss the overall communication climate – describe the communication climate and discuss any barriers
4. Discuss the ethical behavior you have observed at your place of business in light of the common ethical traps and the goals of ethical communication as described in the text. Use specific examples to prove point/s
5. Describe the impact of cross-cultural communication and workforce diversity at your place of business with employees, customer and vendors–use specific examples
6. Give specific strategies for improving communication at your workplace.–be specific
7. Take the Communication Skills Assessment on page 32,33. Just triple space after the last paragraph of your communication paper. Start a new paragraph by saying, ” After I took the Communication Skills Assessment from the text, I realized….” . Write two paragraphs addressing your score, the communication issues you want to improve based on your assessment score, and your plan to become a better communicator.

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