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Communication Event Reflection Essay

Attend the COMM Studies Speaker Event on virtually on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, from 1:00 – 2:30
p.m. If you are not able to attend, plan to watch the recorded video of the event via the link provided by
your instructor in your BB Learn course.

Your goal is to apply the relevance of the community issue (work/life balance) to the concepts discussed
in this class. In your reflection, discuss the following questions:

• What was the community issue that was discussed at the event?
• What are the various viewpoints and approaches to consider when discussing this issue?
• What are some theories that we have discussed in this class that relate to the community issue?
• Did you see any patterns or repeated themes between all three speakers at the event? If so,
what were those themes?
• Where do you see this community issue leading? What research could be done to further
analyze this issue? How do you see the issue progressing in the future?
• What limitations are there to pursuing more information about the topic?