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communicating in health and social care

communicating in health and social care

this learning outcome will be assessed by the production of a research report and presentation in which you will perform an audit of the ICT which is avaible in a work place undertake qualitative and quantitative reasersh to find out the benefitsof using ICTin your chosen organisation for service users and for care will then present your research and findings to the whole group through a presentationcreated using appropriate software of your choice Microsoft power point you will also have to submit a copy of the full report of aproxamatly 2000 words using word processing and spreadsheet software.
the resurch report should conclude with a section which evaluates the legal considerations of providing ict to service usersand staff,including things such as health and safety ,breaches of confidentiality and data protection and acess to records

brief outline for a pass
*acess and use standard ict softwear packages to support work in health and social care
* analyse the benefits of using ict in health and social care for users of services,care workers and care organisations

* analyse how legal considerations in the uswe of ict impact on health and social care.
this is for a pass mark on a btechnc/hnd in health and social care should be Harvard refrenced and use uk resources and no plagiarising please

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