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Colonialism and Apocalypto

“Apocalypto “{2006} by Mel Gibson&Farhad Safina.
The movie takes place in the jungle near a Mayan city during the 16th century and is divided into three acts: the capture, the slavery and the escape. It begins with a group of tribesmen hunting, trapping and capturing a large tapir and then dismembering it, the scene of the contented tribal society, in which each man loves his wife and children, is depicted in the beginning of the movie , they enjoy having fun and love jokes, and the old chief is solemn and wise. A typical primitive tribe.
Soon that serenity and the peaceful life is disrupted as Mayan warriors who seek sacrifices for their gods brutally attack the village, savagely rape and kill most of the inhabitants and take the rest as slaves. Among the slaves is Jaguar Paw, who is acted by Rudy Youngblood, Native American actor from Texas. Jaguar Paw had hidden his pregnant wife{Dalia Hernandez) and small son in a deep rock well where he left a rope to help them escape but it was cut by the warriors after burning the village entirely.
examine the movie Apocalypto {2006} from three different angles.
The first is the historical side. The film opens with a quote about the Roman Empire by the famous American historian Will Durant: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” I will survey some historical facts that were shown in the movie and relate to them, the decline of civilizations due to sovereignty, fear oppression & violence; I will try to examine history from the director’s perspective.
The second dimension will be family and how is that concept being presented in the movie. I will examine the character of Jaguar Paw and Blunted{Jonathan Brewer} through various scenes .
The third one will focus on religion, prophecy and in specific Christianity and personal belief of the director Mel Gibson and how is that connected to certain verses that appear in the bible.

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