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Client Intake Questions and Client Communications Channel Audit

Using open-source information and the framework described in classroom discussions, develop five to 10 questions you would plan to ask the client. These questions should be designed to garner key information that will inform your strategic communications plan for the client.

(Asking the right questions: •Probe: seek more information•Clarify: explain meanings•Paraphrase: repeat for understanding•Empathize: respect feelings•Acknowledge: recognize contributions•Participate: encourage input from everyone)

▪ Client Communications Channel Audit: Conduct an audit of the external communications channels used by the client. Outline each channel and include a brief synopsis of the type of content being posted (press releases, social cards, videos, memes, RT’s, etc.), the engagement it receives and the audiences it’s targeting. Provide insight into what is working well and what could be improved.

(•Review AM’s Social Media and Owned Channels

•Assess each channel, considering the following:


•Number of Followers

•Tone of Voice

•Type of Content•Audience Targeting/Resonance

•Format: PPT or Word)