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Client Confidentiality during Documentation in Nursing

A nurse is documenting on the electronic medical record (EMR). How should the nurse ensure client confidentiality during documentation?
Identify two (2) hand-off tools that a nurse can use to relay information to another health provider to improve communication.
What information must the nurse include when taking a telephone order?
​A nurse transcribes a stat prescription. What is a stat prescription and what components are a part of the transcription?
​A nurse at change of shift is relaying client information to the oncoming nurse and is worried for client who was admitted to rule out stroke. Identify two (2) interventions the nurse will want to implement to prevent aspiration.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Nutrition and the Older Adult

A nurse is providing care for a client with seizures. Identify three (3) seizure precautions the nurse should implement for this client.Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Client Safety
Which action will the nurse perform when conducting a Rinne Test?

a.Occlude one ear and whisper three words. Have the client repeat the three words whispered.

b.Place a vibrating tuning fork firmly against the mastoid bone.

c.Place a vibrating tuning fork on top of the client’s head.

d.Straighten the ear canal by pulling the auricle up and back.

​Identify the grades of deep tendon reflexes (DTRs) and define what is normal.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Neurological Assessment

A nurse is caring for an apprehensive client with a new health concern.  What health promotion strategies can the nurse encourage to help the client address the new stressors being faced?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Teaching and Learning

A nurse is caring for a client prescribed an Aquathermia pad. What should the nurse monitor this client for during therapy?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Heat and Cold Therapy
Identify a client population that may be sensitive to therapeutic touch therapy.
​Which guidelines should the nurse follow when calculating a client’s fluid intake?
How should the nurse position an unconscious client when providing oral care?Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Hygiene
​A client was prescribed a fentanyl transdermal patch for pain control. What teaching should the nurse provide for this client?

A nurse is teaching a group of clients with peripheral neuropathy about the importance of proper foot care. What important teaching points should the nurse provide during this in-service?

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Neurological Assessment

Explain the steps involved in providing an intermittent enteral feeding.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Enteral Feeding

Where would the nurse place the diaphragm of a stethoscope when auscultating the pulmonic area of the heart?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Cardiovascular Assessment
A nurse is providing preoperative teaching to a client. What information should be included in this education?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Teaching and Learning
What principles of wound care should the nurse include when completing wound care for a client with sutures?

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Wound Care

Provide three (3) possible manifestations of hypokalemia.