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Cleveland, Ohio Event

If you live in Cleveland Ohio, Feel free to find any event of your choice that happened between august 26 and Dec 1st 2018.

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During this semester, you are asked to attend, in-person, one public meeting or event on a topic/issue relevant to urban studies. Public meetings and events are typically free, open to all citizens, and are intended to inform the public with facts about that topic or issue.

Public meetings and events are usually organized by government, educational, nonprofit, neighborhood and/or faith-based organizations, but can also be sponsored by private entities like banks or other businesses.

This can be a national, state, regional, or local topic or issue. You are asked to prepare a 250-500 word written summary of the meeting including the topic, host, date, time, location, type (local, State or Federal), attendance demographics (number, age, race, other characteristics), weblink, photo or flier (verifying the event by a third party), why you selected this activity (It’s OK to be honest if it was the most convenient option), what you learned, and your observations about its content.

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Econometrics Course

The research project is the capstone of this econometrics course. It is your opportunity to prove that you have acquired the technical skills to perform real world econometric analysis.

  1. You will work individually.
  2. On October 18th you will submit a rough draft as described below.
  3. The final project is due on November 27th.
  4. For your final research project use the template provided in Canvas.
  5. I uploaded one project from last semester for reference.
  6. Total Points=3.5 Introduction
    0.5 Abstract
    0.5 Research Question (Does A cause B?)
    0.5 Economic significance of the question/ why we care
    0.5 Hypothesis/expected impact of A on B and why
    0.5 Literature: at least 2
    0.5 Contribution
    0.5 Preview statement of results and roadmap statement
  7. Total Points=5 Model Specification
    0.5 Description of the data source
    0.5 Unit of observation
    0.5 Summary table (along with some discussion and make sure variables are measured correctly i.e. CPS educ var)
    0.5 Regression equation with at least 5 variables at total
    0.5 Estimation Method? OLS, FE, Logit, IV, etc
    0.5 Description of each variable and their units are correct (i.e. sex is a dummy etc)
    0.5 Null and alternative hypotheses
    1.5 (0.5 for each variable) Three bias stories and the solution
  8. Total Points=3 Results
    0.5 Results table
    0.5 Interpretation of beta (a one unit/percent increase…)
    0.5 Hypotheses tests (explain if sig diff than zero using t value, pvalue etc)
    0.5 Economic significance of the findings
    0.5 Comparison of the betas with and without controls
    0.5 Alternative explanation for the results that they did not control for
  9. Total Points=1 Conclusion
    Brief summary of:
    Motivation, Models, Results, Contribution/Policy impact
  10. Total Points=0.5 References
    0.25 Contains: Author, Title, Publication source, Year
    0.125 Consistent format
    0.125 No Wikipedia source 
  11. Total Points=1 Overall quality of the paper
  12. Total Points=1 Rough Draft:
    Green and Yellow=1, Red=0

Rough Draft

The rough draft is a check point to make sure that the project is on pace to be completed in a satisfactory matter. The draft is a written version of your research question, literature review, economic model and data summary statistics. It should be at least three pages and no longer than five pages.

It should not include econometric analysis or the analysis description. The paper will be due in class and you will be offered an opportunity to make an appointment to see me and discuss your progress.

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