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Classic television shows

Why is there suddenly a spending frenzy on classic television shows? Who is doing the buying, and why? Why
is this all happening right now?
Based on the information contained in the article, how do you think the competitive dynamics will play out?
Which companies are most likely to survive? Which companies are most likely to shrink or perhaps even fold?
Is this is a winner-take-all kind of market? Justify your answer!
How would you evaluate the competitive position of Netflix? Is the top position of Netflix secure? Could these
other new services seriously eat into the market share of Netflix? Or will they merely cannibalize one another?
How is the market for streaming services changing? Is the market proliferating or consolidating, according to
the article?
How is the market for streaming services likely to evolve in the coming years, according to the article? Will
Disney be at an advantage or disadvantage?
In your view, how many streaming services do you think most households will be willing to subscribe to? Can
Disney afford to be #2 after Netflix? Will most of Disney’s subscribers also subscribe to other services in a
couple of years’ time? Either way, evaluate the long-term competitive position of Disney!