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Civil vs. Criminal Law

There is a difference between civil law and criminal law. Criminal law is concerned with actions that are regarded as harmful to society on the whole. Civil law is concerned mainly with disputes between private parties and with the duties that private parties owe one another.
Please research a case where there was a criminal trial and a civil trial for the same defendant for the same action. You can select any case from within the United States (any of the states or the federal government). The only requirement is that the cases must about the same action by the same defendant. For example, OJ Simpson was tried for first degree murder of two individuals in a criminal court and acquitted. The families of the victims filed a lawsuit against OJ Simpson for wrongful death. The jury awarded them over $33 million (because I just discussed this case, you are not allowed to use the OJ case).
• Discuss the criminal charges as well as the contested dispute in the civil case.
• Provide details about the incident.
• Discuss the sequence of the trials and why this was important.
• Explain the outcome of both trials as well as your opinion about the outcomes of both trials.