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Circuit Switching and Packet Switching

Circuit Switching and Packet Switching. Please respond to the following:Cite two examples of a circuit switch and packet switch environment. Base one example on a circuit switch and the other on a packet switch. Describe the trade-off between the two technologies and the reason why packet switching is more appropriate for the Internet.
Assuming your daily routine stayed the same, speculate the problems you would have if the Internet didn’t exist. Speculate the problems of a familiar organization given the same scenario.


Packet switching and circuit switching are two networking methods for transferring data between two nodes or hosts. For a packet-switched network, data is transferred by dividing the data into individual packets and passing it through the circuits to the other host. In packet-switched networks, the route is not exclusively determined when the packets hit the wire. Using routing algorithms, each packet may actually take a different route through the network to arrive at the destination host. Unlike a circuit-switched network where a static route is setup and pre-established prior to initializing connections to the host.

if internet was not existed I would not be able to surf the websites to gain information of current activities in the world, would not have emails to check. Similarly, if an organization did not had an internet, they would not be able to communicate via emails, webinars, video conferencing. They wouldn’t be able to share documents over the internet organization wide. Hence, their business processing would become extremely slow resulting in delays of decision making due to delayed access of information.

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