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choosing a job analysis

In your role as the Human Resource Manager at Epic Health Solutions, you need to decide what job analysis method to use for the new position that is being created. Then you will do a brief job analysis to create the job description.

Conduct academic research and in a 2-3 page report, prepare in APA format with at least two credible references, do the following:

Explain which method of job analysis you decided to use to analyze the new position in order to develop an understanding of its responsibilities.
Describe how the position that is being created ties back to the organization’s mission and goals.
Continue by creating the job description. Be sure to include the descriptive header, the summary, the major functions, and then the job-specifications.
Finish your report with an explanation of how you will use the job description to create the performance appraisal with the standards.
Include your APA formatted reference page with your 2 credible sources.

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