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Childhood Adultification and Resilience

Childhood Adultification and Resilience

In  Chapter 11 of your text, you learned how childhood adultification could  impact resilience over the lifespan of families. You also learned about  the potential advantages and disadvantages of childhood adultification.  It is important for human service workers to understand how to help  children who have experienced adultification. Please use your readings  and research peer-reviewed journal articles in the Purdue Global Library  to support your post.

Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of childhood adultification.
  • Identify the key factors of ethnography and analyze its importance in understanding children and families.
  • Explore how adolescent groups can be helpful in learning healthy behaviors that can be utilized in future relationships.
  • Identify  two programs or interventions that the community could implement to  address the issue of childhood adultification. Provide a rationale for  why you selected each intervention.

Sample Answer

Childhood adultification is the circumstantially compulsive premature empowerment of a child to acquire knowledge and assume roles otherwise meant for adults. Often this empowerment is self-imposed, motivated by a dependence by other helpless children or people within a family. Many children who face adultification are seen as adapting to a condition of poverty where they are the only hope for the immediate family to get access to basic needs. While it has been touted as advantageous, the disadvantages of this difficult situation may be dire to the full social development of the child.

Advantages of Childhood Adultification

One of the greatest advantages of childhood adultification is early independence. Children who have been exposed to adulthood knowledge, roles and behaviour, seem to be independent earlier than their counterparts living normal lives. These children seem to organize themselves around rent payment, job acquisition or business and acquire enough resources to start a relatively fulfilling life in the context of their circumstances.


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