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2.1 Identify common transitions and significant events that a child may experience

2.2 Discuss potential effects of transition and significant events on a child’s life in all areas of development

2.3 Explain the role of the early years practitioner in:
• Preparing a child for a planned transition
• Supporting the needs of children during transitions and significant life events

Describe the physical needs of children

3.2 Explain the role of the early years practitioner during:
• Nappy changing
• Toilet training
• Washing and bath time
• Care of skin, teeth and hair
• Meal times

3.3 Explain the rest and sleep needs of:
• A baby aged 6 weeks
• A baby aged 7 months
• A toddler aged 15 months
• A child aged 2 and a half years
• A child aged 4-5 years
• A child aged 6-7 years

3.4 Explain safety precautions which minimise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

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