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Cheesecake Factory budget for this up coming year

Cheesecake Factory budget for this up coming year
Paper details:

perform an analysis of the budget dynamics contained therein in order to project future cash flows. Your goal is to estimate operating, capital, and cash activity for the upcoming year. Operating activity represents annual, operational performance. Investing activity represents anticipated cash to be spent on capital (hint: Management often states an amount in the MD&A section of their annual report). Financing includes dividend trends as well as other financing activity to balance out cash flows. The goal is to build your recognition of how these all relate.
Obtain the annual financial statements for a publicly traded company (through either the company’s annual report or Form 10-K SEC filing). Using the financial data contained the report and the trends in the data, construct the following three budgets for the upcoming year.
(Operating Budget):
Include revenues, operating expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and net income. (Approximately 6-10 lines of data, depending on level of detail and subtotals)
(Capital Budget)
Include spending on plant and equipment and any anticipated acquisitions or sales of segments. (Approximately 1-3 lines of data, depending on activity above-and-beyond the annual capital purchases)
Cash Budget
Reflect the three sections of the Statement of Cash Flows. In the Operating Section, in addition to the net income and depreciation numbers, include any expected changes in working capital line items (if relevant). In the Investing Section, do not include purchases/sales of short-term securities. In the Financing Section, include an estimate for dividends, if applicable, as well as other financing activity as necessary to balance out the above activity and to achieve a desired level of cash. At the bottom, remember to show the beginning and ending Cash balances (ending balance, as a projection, will not need to tie to a Balance Sheet). (Approximately 8-12 lines of data, depending on level of detail and complexity).
Use management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A) and the footnotes to the financial statements, as appropriate, for guidance on issues that need to be addressed (e.g., capital or acquisition plans for the year ahead; concerns over working capital levels). Year-over-year trends will be useful in determining activity for the upcoming year. Note: No right answer exists! You are demonstrating your ability to interconnect the various budgets and cash flows. Present the analysis in a Word document (approximately 1 and1/2 pages) supported by information in Excel or with embedded tables for each budget.
Grading will be based on a demonstrated understanding of the relationships of the various data elements, thoughtfulness of the various inputs, and quality of the supporting descriptions of data elements.
Chapter 10
Using the same company, calculate the ROI using the DuPont model (margin, turnover, ROI). Calculate three years of ratios (you will need to obtain copies of earlier years’ financial data to do so). Comment on the ratios and the trend in the data (length: approximately 1pages).
Grading will be based on accuracy of the calculations and the quality of the analysis.
//// i attached the financial report for cheesecake factory pleas use just the data on it to make the budget for the upcoming year 2016 and fill the worksheet

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