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Characteristics of successful warfare since 1945?

Argumentative Essay Topic Question:
What have been the characteristics of successful warfare since 1945?
Here’s how I want to answer the question. This is my thesis statement in
which the paper need to be written:
Since 1945 history has shown that some of the most successful characteristics
of warfare have been land warfare and air power.
Please define both and write about how land warfare has made us the
United States and our Allies successful and with air power integrated it has
played a significant role in helping with that success. Using Vietnam,
Korea, definitely desert storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars.
Please use previous wars for examples best you can for the outline but
definitely for the final 10 page paper.
**I will submit instructions for the 10 page paper once outline is graded

Apple versus Android: A comparative Analysis

Apple IOS and android offers great smartphone features that may basically look similar other than the price and the brand name. However, a closer evaluation of the hardware and software integration, OS compatibility, Apps quality and control, and general user experience shows that they are key difference between the two operating systems (Castello). Apple software and hardware are not only top-notch but are also highly customized to effectively work together. This is contrary to the android software that is made available to third parties for integration into their hardware. Apple promises the attainment of the latest operating system, a process that may never be achieved in most android phones that are slow at updating their systems (Vaughan-Nichols). In addition, Apple App store is highly controlled and is strict on the kind of Apps that can be downloaded through its system, while Google’ android App control system are slack (Castello). Beyond the development features of the operating system, Apple offers a more positive user experience due to its ability to its dominance in the gaming market and guaranteed continuity features (Tracy 31). As much as Apple is costly, its quality hardware, an effective operating system and enhanced user experience makes it a better choice for any customers seeking to purchase a smartphone.

The major difference between iPhone and android is the nature and quality of the hardware to be integrated with the system. Only Apple Inc. is involved in the production of the iPhones, as such has a close control and monitoring of how the software and the hardware will be integrated (Castello). On the contrary, the androids are made by Google who avail the operating systems to other manufactures with different hardware. The implications are inability of the company to adequately control the attainment of an effective integration of the software with the smartphone hardware (Vaughan-Nichols). In most instances, the hardware using a similar android system varies in terms of features, size, weight and quality consequently, lowering the overall quality and effectiveness the system. Even though more premium-prices android smart phones are believed to have quality hardware, iPhone hardware are generally of high quality and have minimal issues, making them a preferred choice to any buyer.

Having the latest version of an operating system is another parameter that determines the quality of the iPhone and android platforms. It is reported that iPhones are more swift and effective in updating their system to get the latest version (Castello). On the contrary, android systems are slow and may even fail completely to update the system. The implications are a slow operating system that overly lowers the working speed of the phone. An iPhone platform is likely to be updated such that the latest operating system is accessed is immediately released. Customers need an iPhone if they are to get a swift update of their existing system to the most current operating system.

As much as the Apple App store limits the accessibility of apps in relation to the Google Play store, it offers maximum control on accessibility of the same. The overall selection of the Apps to access through the store is also highly controlled to ensure that only authentic and quality Apps are allowed. This is important in offering maximum security to the users (Vaughan-Nichols).. On the other hand, Google Play control and accessibility of the Apps is lax (Castello). This gives an opportunity for the provision of fake versions of Apps that may offer significant security threat to the users.  A case in point is the fake version of the WhatsApp application that causes serious security threat to android users. Such was not reported amongst the iPhone uses since the App store does to support such (Castello). The high security and protection offered by the iPhone operating system makes it more suitable than android.

The user experience is also enhanced with the use of Apple than android. Apple devices such as iPod and iPhones have dominated the gaming industry to offer entertainment services to the users. The platforms support ten thousands of games that can be easily accessed by the users (Castello). Also, the proper integration of the Apple’s software with the hardware has presented an opportunity for the development of high-tech games (Bjelland 12). Such experience is not supported by the android platforms. Major problems have been reported in the production of androids that will be compatible to the hardware. As a result, Google is forced to avail different kinds of software to meet the needs of its purchasers. However, such fluctuations in the nature and properties of the androids have made it impossible for man game companies to create games for it. This has not only denied the users access to the various mobile games but have also curtailed their entertainment experience.


Apple products are overly costly than android based devices, however, the benefits offered by their Apple IOS and android operating systems makes them more suitable to any users. Apart from the quality hardware that is effectively integrated with the software, Apple IOS operating systems are more effective and are swiftly updated to ensure the users always has the latest version. Also, the Apple Apps store offers maximum control and evaluation of the Apps to only allow trustworthy applications, thus protecting the users from any probable security threats. A high and positive user experience is also reported with the use of Apple products due to its support of many mobile phone games. The benefits offered by Apple are much higher than the costs involved just should be the preferred choice to any user.