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Character sketch

This assignment comprises two parts:

(a) Compose a 600-word character sketch in which you create a composite character who is based on the traits of at least two fictional characters we have come across in the stories we have read throughout this semester. Give your character a name of your own making and a “context” in contemporary society. Your sketch could be an extended descriptive portrayal of a “stationary” of “fixed” character, or you could put your character in action in a little story or episode.
For example, my character’s name is Adam Walcott, a theatre director who is ambitious like Dee and manipulative like Montresorbut also a reflective truth-seeker like Mel. For him, the end justifies the means. Walcott can be devious and unethical in how he raises money to keep his theatre in business, and he isn’t aboveharshly criticizing his actors and driving them hard in rehearsal – sometime too hard. But everything he does isalways with the intention of producing the best play and best performances possible. Let me tell you a little story that illustrates how he operates….
To begin with, you may think of your character as the ideal or not-so-ideal spouse, friend, roommate, business partner, spy, politician, neighbor, teammate, therapist, doctor, super-hero etc … the list can go on …. Let your imagination and creativity flow! This exercise calls for vivid, precise descriptions featuring bold verbs and meaningful adjectives and adverbs.

(b) Write one paragraph in which you identify the fictional characters from the stories we’ve read whom you use to create your own character and describe their particular traits that you use in your sketch. “My character Adam Walcott is based on Alice Walker’s Dee, Edgar Allan Poe’s Montresor, and Raymond Carver’s Mel….”

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