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Change for Life Policy

(Part one) will be uploaded and combine with part two.
Critical evaluation report (part 2)- A summary of the nutrition issue, the current policy ( Change4Life Policy) and how it was developed and implemented and by whom and an evaluation of its effectiveness, with recommendations for future policy development

The format of this assignment will be a report – imagine that you have been asked by The Minister responsible for Public Health (Jane Ellison MP) to report on a specific policy area and make recommendations about how the policy implementation has taken place so far and whether it has worked, and what you would recommend for the future.

Set it out with:

  1. A front page with title
  2. A contents page and page numbers
  3. An executive summary – this will be no more than 1 page and will be written at the end to give a brief summary of the whole project (not included in word count)
  4. Introduction to the topic area (background)
  5. Summary of the nutrition issue that the intervention aims to address (rationale of the intervention)
  6. Summary of current intervention and how it was developed. Include who the target audience was and what the aims and objectives of the programme were.

Sections 5 and 6 were in part 1 and should be embedded into part 2 of your report.

  1. How was the intervention implemented and by whom?
  2. Has the intervention been evaluated and if so what was the outcome? This is where you will show critical analysis skills: looking at the data to see if there is good evidence of success and if not why it is lacking. If you are doing a policy which has not yet been in place long enough for evaluation to have been done, then you will need to look at any data from elsewhere that has looked at this instead, and comment on how you would evaluate the programme if you were involved.
  3. What would you draw out as the overall successes and limitations of the intervention? Did they achieve their aim? Did any demonstrable positive outcomes reach the intended target population? Again for higher marks there must be some critical analysis in this section.
  4. Recommendations for the future of the intervention: Are you able to recommend any improvements to the current programme? What do you think the next step is? Does the intervention need to be broadened out or is a follow-up required? This section will also allow you to demonstrate your wider reading on public health nutrition.
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

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