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Challenging behavior

Assessment Brief

You will develop a critical review that explores how challenging behaviour is conceptualised and responded to in

relation to autism and that evaluates the role of communication in maintaining or changing behaviour.

Format Options

In line with principles of inclusive practice on this course we want to recognize some of the diverse ways individuals best articulate themselves. With that in mind you are able to choose one of the following options as your format of assessment:

  1. Essay
  2. Face-to-face presentation
  3. Recorded presentation
  4. Skype presentation

There is guidance about the requirements of each format in the appendices of this document

A Valid Attempt

For each of the assessment options, a valid attempt will be:

  • Submitted in the correct document format – submissions in a non-compatible format will not be considered a valid attempt and therefore will not be marked (see guidance for instructions on acceptable document formats).
  • The agreed submission documents as outlined in your chosen format’s guidance document
  • A full reference list following APA 6th conventions


Feedback will be provided in written form by the marker. This will include the feedback rubric and indicator of how well you have met each assessment criteria. You will also be provided with areas for future development which you should use to inform how you approach your future assessments. This feedback will be provided through the module blackboard site under ‘My Grades’ on the date advertised in your online assessment. This date is usually 15 working days (not including university closure days) after your submission deadline.

In-Module Retrieval (IMR)

Following First-Sit assessment, In-module Retrieval will be offered to students achieving below 50% (the pass mark) for an assessment task. This is an opportunity for you to resubmit a reworked version of your assignment, following feedback, in order to achieve the pass grade.

If you opt to participate in In-module Retrieval for this task, you will need to use your feedback to rework your assignment. Should your work be eligible for IMR (i.e. below 50%), you will be sent further details on the process including the deadline.

Please note:

  • this is a zero-risk opportunity – this means that if you get a lower mark for your In-Module Retrieval submission, your original mark will stand.
  • if your reworked does achieve the pass grade, you will receive a capped mark of 50%