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Cause and Effect Essay

This two-three page essay should be typed in 12 pt. font (Times New Roman), double-spaced (no quadruple spacing between paragraphs), and with standard one-inch margins. Your name, my name, the class and section, and due date should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Students must use two sources in this essay. When using quotes, students should refer to the MLA style section of the The Little Brown Compact Handbook (pgs. 462-518) and the Longman Reader (pgs. 606-637). Cite Your Sources.




IN grading, special attention will be given to the following:

Introduction – Significance Statement (hook/lead)

Introduction – Points of development

Introduction – Thesis

Introduction – Frame

Topic Sentences




Conclusion – Connections

Overall Development

Grammar & Punctuation




  • No Lists in the Introduction
  • No Announcements
  • No Second Person
  • No Contractions


  • You must use a frame
  • You must use the One-side-at-a-time Method


If a student chooses to write his or her essay focusing on causes in the body of the essay, then it will be expected that the student introduce effects in the introduction as well as draw connections between the causes and effects in the conclusion. The same goes for a student who chooses to write about effects of a certain subject in the body, the student will be expected to discuss the cause(s) in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.



Writing Prompt: You will want to look closely at contemporary culture, within the last twenty-five years. What popular trends do you see? Once you have chosen a specific classification of the different popular trends—music, movies/television, clothing, food, etc.—determine what may have caused this particular trend. Who or what is responsible? Or, what are the effects of such a trend, for example how people, media, or a culture is perceived because of this trend. You will want to analyze and incorporate the causes and effects of the specific trend, following the cause-effect format that we have discussed in class.