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Policies and Trajectories of Immigration: Italy


Policies and Trajectories of Immigration: Italy

1. Assignment
You are requested to write an assignment of 3 500 words (+/- 10%) on a subject which is of a
particular or unique, interest to you. Once you choose the topic, you are requested to read
and become more knowledgeable on this subject matter. Therefore, prepare yourself to
write this assignment.
Important Note: (If you exceed the word count of 10% there will be a 5% penalty)
This assignment is to be structured as follows: Executive Summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Background of the study 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.3 Research Objectives
1.3.1 Variables to be measured 1.4 Scope of the Study
2 Literature Review
2.1 Theoretical Framework
3. Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design
3.1.1 Formulate a problem
3.1.2 Develop a hypothesis
3.1.3 Make predictions based on the hypothesis 3.1.4 Devise a test of the hypothesis
3.1.5 Conduct the test
3.1.6 Experimental or Non-experimental Research
3.2 Study Area
3.3 Study Population
3.4 Sample Size and Sampling Procedure
3.4.1 Population and Sample
3.4.2 Sample Selection and Size
3.4.3 Sampling Methods – Probability and non-probability 3.5 Data Collection Methods
4. Data Analysis and Presentation 4.1 Data Analysis
4.2 Data Presentation
5. Conclusions and Recommendations 5.1 Conclusions
5.2 Recommendations of the Study
6. References
The word count can be in the following %:
• Introduction section: 5% of the word count
• Literature Review section: 20% of the word count
• Methodology section: 20% of the word count
• Analysis and presentation: 30% of the word count
• Conclusions and recommendations: 25% of the word count

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting


Task 3                                                                                                               (16 Marks)


The importance of accounting concepts and conventions can be seen in preparing the financial statements in assessing the financial viability of the company, where accountants prepares the financial statement and provides the appropriate financial report for the management of any company.

However, accounting concepts and conventions are rarely disclosed in the financial statements because they are generally recognized as being the activity of the periodic preparation and presentation of the financial statements; but if the basic concepts and conventions are not followed when preparing and presenting the financial statement, difficulties will be faced during the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of financial statements. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the earnest interpretation and analysis of financial statements must be taken into account constantly these concepts, assumptions, principles and conventions used in the preparation.


Required:                                                                               (4 marks X 4 = 16 marks)

  1. To define if the accounting concepts and conventions function as a guidance in preparing financial statement.


  1. To ascertain if accounting concepts and conventions assist in proving useful information for economic decision-making.


  1. To ascertain if accounting concepts and convention assists in recognizing in how accounting transactions are looked into.


  1. To define if accounting concepts and conventions leads in producing more meaningful and reliable financial reports.





Task 4                                                                                                               (10 Marks)

Accounting performs an essential part in operation of business administration because it assists you in tracking income and expenses, ensure legal compliance, and supply shareholders, managers, and government authorities with the quantifiable financial information, which then are used for business decision making purpose.

There are three main components that are generated by the records, of which the financial statement is made-up:

  • The income statement, which delivers information about the profit and loss of company
  • The balance sheet, which provides a clear picture on the financial position of company as on a specific date.
  • The cash flow statement, which is a bridge between the income statement and balance sheet and provides information about the cash inflow and outflow during a certain phase of time.


It is extremely important to keep your financial records solid and up-to-date if you wish to retain your company’s financial position robust.

You are required to:                                                                                     (10 marks)

Explain the reasons why Accounting is important for your business, regardless if it is small or large.


———————————End of Assignment paper———————————

Excel Simulation/Decision Modeling

Excel Simulation/Decision Modeling


Elevator Assignment for Fairview Tower 

In this assignment, you are asked to create an Excel model that automatically works out Fairview Tower’s elevator assignment when a mission is requested based on the elevators’ location, heading, and destinations. The detailed requirements are listed below. It is due 5/21/2020 (Thursday) before class. Your work must be a single Excel file named IS300FairviewFirstNameLastName.xlsx (or .xls), submitted via Canvas by the due date. Late submission will not be accepted. This assignment counts 10% of your final grade. You are encouraged to discuss it with each other, but all submitted work should be individual effort.


Fairview Tower1 is a new residential and office building located in downtown Seattle. It has 46 floors – 43 above the ground (numbered 0 to 42) and 3 underground (numbered -1 to -3) – that are serviced by four elevator units (labeled A through D). Unit A, B, C are regular passenger elevators while Unit D is a service elevator that can also be used to move passengers if needed – more on that later. Each time a ride is requested, an algorithm will decide which elevator unit is assigned to pick up the ride following a set of rules. You are asked to work out an automatic assignment application for Fairview’s management team.

The Excel file IS300FairviewTemplate.xlsx (available for download on Canvas) simulates the building and the elevator units. Each unit has a location number, meaning the floor it is currently at, and a destination number, meaning the floor it is going to. A unit is moving when the destination number is different from its current location, and a unit is idling if the two numbers are the same. In the Excel file, you can see how they move floor-by-floor by pressing the F9 key to force recalculation of the functions (or Fn+F9 on a Mac).

A ride (called a mission) can be requested by a code consisting of a number and the letter “U” or “D” (e.g., 23D). The number means the floor where the mission is requested, and the letter means the direction of the mission: “U” means going up and “D” means going down. For example, mission 23D means a ride of going down is requested on the 23rd floor.


Download and rename the IS300FairviewTemplate.xlsx file, then enable iterative calculation on the file and set the max iteration to 1 (the option can be found by going to File – Options – Formulas on a PC, or Excel – Preferences – Calculation on a Mac). Create additional worksheets to build your model but on the Fairview worksheet you must preserve its structure and only edit the green cells. The INITIATE row is used to initialize the elevators to a starting

state for testing purpose. Your file should automatically fill the ASSIGNMENT cell (Cell B12) with the letters “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “N” (meaning none) when a mission is entered in cell B10 (the floor) and D10 (the direction). The assignment rules are:

1)  No Mission (2 points): If no mission or an incomplete mission is entered (i.e. missing floor number or direction), your model should display an empty cell (i.e., “”) in B12.

2)  First Priority (2 points): If an elevator is idling at the request floor, assign the mission to it. If multiple elevators are idling at the request floor, randomize which one to assign except that Unit D (the service elevator) should get the last priority, i.e., D gets the mission if it is the only one idling. For example, if mission 23U is requested when both Unit A and D are idling on 23rd, assign A to the mission.

3)  Second Priority (4 points): If no elevator is assigned after 2), find and assign the unit that is closest to the request floor. Please only consider the ones that are either a) idling, or b) moving towards the request floor in the same direction as the mission’s direction. Do not assign units moving away from it or moving towards it in an opposite direction of the mission. If multiple units qualify, randomize which one to assign but like in 2), Unit D (the service elevator) should get the last priority. For example, if 23U is requested when A is idling on 19, B is on 21 going down, C is on 0 going up, and D is on 26 going down, A should be assigned to the mission. Unit B or D are not in this case even though they are closer because they are traveling down not up.

4)  Otherwise (2 points): If no elevator is assigned after 3), display “N” in cell B12. This means the mission is not picked up yet. If your model is built right, it will eventually be picked up after other units reach their destinations and therefore become idle (eligible).


Start with No Mission and work your way up. Make sure you really understand the rules and requirements. You may find it helpful to create additional indicator labels for each elevator to show if it is busy, moving, in the same direction as the mission, etc. These Excel functions are enough for the project: IF, ABS, MAX, SUM, and RAND. You are, of course, allowed to use other functions of your choice. You can test if your model is working correctly using these steps. Note I will use different numbers to grade your work so make sure you have tested your model thoroughly using other scenarios.

1)  Type an incomplete mission without the floor number or direction letter, e.g., 23, your ASSIGNMENT should show an empty cell.

2)  Type 1,1,1,1 in the INITIATE row and press F9 to move all the elevators to the first floor. Enter mission 1D. Your model should randomly assign unit A, B, or C to the mission.

3)  Type 20,20,20,20 in the INITIATE row and press F9 to move all the elevators to the 20th  floor. Then type 42,41,0,-3 in the INITIATE row to move units A and B up, and C and D  down. Enter mission 10D. Your model should assignment unit C.

4)  Type 25,25,25,25 in the INITIATE row and press F9 to move all the elevators to the 25th  floor. Then type -3,0,41,42 in the INITIATE row to move units A and B down, and C and D up. Enter mission 25D. Your model should assign N, i.e. the mission is not picked up.

Organic chemistry – multistep synthesis

Organic chemistry – multistep synthesis


Please select a pharmaceutical drug (legal), whose synthesis is at least 6 steps. Do not choose from “biologics”, which means antibodies, dna, peptides that are produced from cells or other biological sources. Please report on the following

The report should have the following sections:

Abstract (75 word limit),  

Introduction discuss history of disease that the drug addresses and how people are affected, strategies used to combat disease that existed prior to the drug you are reporting on

Results: how the drug was discovered, who is the commercial vendor and yearly sales, its biological mode of action, side effects,

Preparation  includes your synthetic scheme, and separate schemes for  mechanisms of the steps that use mechanisms we have learned in class. Your report must contain at least 1 mechanistic scheme.  You are encouraged to use any other figures, charts, or tables that help support your discussion. All schemes must be drawn with chemdraw (available to Hunter students) or similar software. Hand drawn schemes will not be accepted.

Conclusions – summarize findings and outlook (do we need new drugs? What is the problem with this drug).


The references will need to include the journal article where the synthesis was originally reported and where the compound was originally discovered, and any other relevant references that you cite. The references should follow the format: Author names, “title”, Year, volume, first page – last page.

Please submit as .pdf.  This report has a 3 page limit, including title and references.



I want the paper structured like this with the bold subheadings.

Choose a simple drug that is at least 6 steps because we only got up to chapter 20 in the WILEY david klein textbook (organic chemistry), its available on



Powepoint Presentation

Powepoint Presentation


Bill Equestrian Centre is a riding school. It teaches a diverse range of equestrian sports and disciplines, including natural horsemanship, sidesaddle, horseball, western riding, polo, dressage, show jumping, horse agility, working equitation and stable management.


The Business

Bill Equestrian Centre aims to provide a welcoming and well-equipped yard for riders of all ages and disciplines to enjoy at an affordable price. It has been relatively successful since its establishment in 2010. You have been the Manager of a close-knit team of five staff since its inception; one Yard Supervisor and four Yard Staff. The owners of Bill Equestrian Centre, Phil and his wife, Lily have recently retired and have since taken a more active interest in the management of the operation.


The Scenario

Phil and Lily have conflicting ideas on how the business should be run. You are receiving conflicting instructions, and both have told you that their instructions should take priority.

Staff morale has been deteriorating since the owners returned. Phil and Lily have pressured you into taking on more horses in the hope of driving up profits, but they have not allowed you to increase staff head count. Profits initially increased, but over the last few months you have seen a steady decline. You feel your staff are overworked; the number of hours they are working per week has increased by 10%. Their pay has not been commensurately increased, and you have noticed that the overall quality of horse care has diminished. Two of your team who have always worked well together are now blaming each other for having to stay and work late, both stating that their respective colleagues poor work ethic is the cause. Now one of these employees is often late and sickness absence across your workforce has increased.

You and your staff are paid less than the average market rate for other similar local equine jobs.

You also hear from friends that local animal welfare activists have raised concerns on social media, indicating that they feel the horses at Bill Equestrian Centre are poorly treated. This story has been picked up by the local newspaper.



Produce a PowerPoint presentation addressing the following questions relating to Bill Equestrian Centre:

  1. Socio-cultural, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical (STEEPLE or PESTLE) factors all have an impact on equestrian businesses. Please provide a brief overview of how these external factors could affect (both positively or negatively) Bill Equestrian Centre now or in the future.
  2. How would you manage the conflicting priorities and instructions coming from Phil and Lily?
  3. Given that you and your staff are paid less than market average, what low cost measures could you put in place to aid staff retention, recruitment and morale.
  4. Given the increase in horse numbers and the fact that your staff are unhappy working longer hours, what could you and your workforce do to try and work more efficiently?
  5. The local newspaper wants to interview you regarding reports of animal mistreatment. What do you do?
  6. In response to the recent bad PR, what can you do to ensure your customers are retained and your hard-earned reputation remains intact.


Your presentation should last no more than 20 minutes and use no more than 7 slides.



Case Study:Characteristics and advantages of Framework

Case Study:Characteristics and advantages of Framework


Bodolica, V., & Waxi, M. (2007). Chicago food and beverage company: The challenges of managing international assignments. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 13(3), 31-42.


Please answer the following questions after reading the case study:


  1. Which staffing framework do you recognize in this case study? Explain its characteristics and the advantages to using this type of framework?
  2. Would this type of staffing framework affect Paul’s ability to get things done? Why, or why not?
  3. Explain if any of the other staffing frameworks would be any better? What can you recommend to the company’s headquarters in this sense?
  4. Why does Paul want this job? Is Paul a good candidate for this expatriate position?
  5. What comments can you make on expatriate management in general? And what comments can you make on the expatriate recruitment policy in particular?
  6. What are the different expatriate compensation methods you recognized in the text? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different expatriate compensation methods?
  7. What do you suggest to the U.S. headquarters’ human resources manager in order to improve the expatriate satisfaction/compensation?


Your submission should be a minimum of three pages in length in APA style; however, a title page, a running head, and an abstract are not required. Be sure to cite and reference all quoted or paraphrased material appropriately in APA style.

Research paper: Interpersonal Communication

Research paper: Interpersonal Communication

Your final project in this class will be a research paper and presentation digging deeper into an aspect of interpersonal communication.

There will be  parts to the paper (250 points total):

  1. Research Storm — 20 points
    1. Produce a list of 10 sources in APA or MLA style
      1. (no summary or annotation required)
  2. Paper Presentation — 70 points
  3. 5 minute presentation uploaded to Canvas
  4. Final Paper — 110 points — due May 16th

Final Paper Requirements (110 points):

  • 5-7 pages
    • Double spaced
    • 1 inch margins
    • 12 point font
  • 5-7 sources

Presentation Requirements (70 points):

  • 5 minutes per person
  • Deliver your information extemporaneously
  • Clear thoughtful presentation device linking individual speeches
    • This will most likely require communication & rehearsal among your group

Suggestions for Preparation:

  • Use your research skills to lead you in the direction of a thesis.
    • Once you have identified an exact topic, consider that you have 5 minutes to teach us the most important aspects of that topic.
      • Consider our critical thinking starter pack
        • Definitions
        • History
        • Examples in the world
        • Impacts, Significance, & Affects
      • Consider the balance of depth & breadth of the subject
    • Don’t forget to put your personal spin on it! Every single one of you would write a different paper about the exact same topic. Consider what specific strengths you bring to this research and let your instincts and interests lead.
    • The basic outline for a research paper and a good presentation are the same basic outline
      • See attached

      There will be 2 parts to the final project:

  1. Paper Presentation — 5 minute presentation uploaded to Canvas by May 18th @ 11:59pm
  2. Final Paper —  due May 18th @ 11:59pm

Your final project in this class will be a research paper and presentation digging deeper into an aspect of interpersonal communication. What you choose to research and write about can be any aspect of interpersonal communication. I would suggest considering issues like different intersections of identity and their relation to communication, conflict, workplace communication, family communication, etc. You could even cross multiply some of these topics to get super nuanced. Past examples have included: sibling communication, Latino machismo in family communication, communication and the LBGTQ+ community, a linguistic analysis of immigration issues, etc.

Your goal in this paper is to synthesize research about a given topic. It’s more than an annotated bibliography, but it doesn’t quite need to be an original piece of analysis.

You can make an argument about the research itself by doing a critical analysis of some themes within the research. Perhaps you were interested in a particular subject and you researched it, but realized that the research all came from a particular perspective and left out crucial contexts. Your thesis might sound something like, “The research on gender and communication in the workplace left quite a bit to de desired. There were three distinct, foundational issues with the research—the reliance on the gender binary, underlying patriarchal perspectives, lack of cultural analysis, and no racial diversity in the people studied.” In this version, you are critiquing the way the research was done, what the researchers forgot to consider, or blatant harmful foundations upon which the researchers made assumptions.

Or you could make an argument about your topic itself and use the research to back you up. Your thesis might sound a little like this— “My research showed that there are three main strains on sibling communication: moral differences, competition, and unresolved issues.” In this version, you are doing a survey of multiple pieces of research (5-7) and finding the what the common similarities and differences are. Focus your conclusion on reinforcing the idea that your paper gave an overarching view of the research you did. Consider how the research you surveyed might have been limited based on a variety of factors and what you might hope to see from future research.

  • Consider our critical thinking starter pack
    • Definitions
    • History
    • Examples in the world
    • Impacts, Significance, & Affects
  • Consider the balance of depth & breadth of the subject
    • Don’t forget to put your personal spin on it! Every single one of you would write a different paper about the exact same topic. Consider what specific strengths you bring to this research and let your instincts and interests lead.

Final Paper Requirements (110 points):

  • 5-7 pages
    • Double spaced
    • 1 inch margins
    • 12 point font
  • 5-7 sources

Presentation Requirements (70 points):

  • 5 minutes
  • Deliver your information extemporaneously
  • Tell us about what you learned while you researched this topic.
    • Tell us about the main themes of the research
    • Consider the aspects of the topic you think the research covered well & what areas of research are still needed
  • Don’t try to tell us about the entire paper in 5 minutes.
    • Choose 2-3 really interesting themes, concepts, facts, considerations, etc. and tell us about those.

Essay: Write about one theme in the book “Snow Falling on Cedars” by David Guterson

Essay: Write about one theme in the book “Snow Falling on Cedars” by David Guterson

Snow Falling on Cedars Writing Assignment
Choose one of the themes that are in Snow Falling on Cedars. General themes include: truth, guilt, responsibility,
nature of love, the struggle between free will and chance, the cyclical nature of prejudice, and the limits of knowledge.
You may also wish to focus on justice, the effects of war, cultural values, conscience, and community.
Your essay should be an argument that provides your interpretation/analysis of the work and supports that claim
with appropriate and sufficient details (evidence) from the work. You will need to narrow the focus of the theme, and
write a clear thesis. Email me your thesis and outline so that I can respond to them in order to help you. Both are due
by May 1, 2020. You must use a minimum of two sources for this paper. One source will be your novel. The second
source can be an outside source that you have researched. You may use information on credible websites, if you
● Choose a theme that motivates you.
● Develop two or three points and try to combine them into a sentence. This is your preliminary thesis.
● Relate particular details of the novel to the theme that you have spelled out. Consider plot details, dialogue,
setting, characters, point of view – any elements which seem particularly pertinent.
● Check whether the elements of your story fit your thesis. If not, reevaluate your thesis.
● Have you missed an important aspect of the story? Have you included the central ideas?
● If necessary, rework your thesis until it applies to elements in the novel.
Thesis and outline are due Friday, May 1, 2020
Final draft is due Tuesday, May, 12, 2020
Papers will be graded on the following criteria: 1. a clear and specific thesis that takes a position on the topic;
2. clear and logical organization; 3. well-developed paragraphs; 4. points are well analyzed and supported with
evidence from the novel and sources; 5. Research is cited properly in MLA style; 6. few mechanical,
grammatical and spelling errors

Nursing case study.

Nursing case study.


Josephine Hayes is an 15 year old girl who has just arrive in emergency department after falling off her bicycle on the way to school. Josephine has a history of type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed when she was 12 years old. Josephine normally manages her diabetes herself and states that she understands how to look after. She seems defensive in the way she says this.
Josephine has sustained a fractured right radius, which will require to be set in a cast for 6 weeks. Her right arm is her dominant arm. She states 6/10 pain on rest and 8/10 on movement.
On examination, all vital signs are within normal limits except for her blood glucose level (BGL) which is 18mmol/L and her temperature which is 38.4 deg C.
You also notice a small wound on Josephine’s left toe which looks to be old, purulent, red and a little swollen. It is infected. When you ask Josephine about it, she states she has never noticed it before and must have got it when she fell of her bike.
When Josephine’s mum arrives to collect her, she asks to speak to you privately and voices concerns that Josephine’s diet is not as good as it could be for someone with her condition and she is frequently eating unhealthy snack food with her schoolfriends. Josephine has gained a significant amount of weight in the last 6 months


Task description:


For this essay, (adolescent case). Review your case. Using the clinical reasoning cycle you are required to assess, plan, implement and evaluate your care for the patient. After identifying the relevant assessment data you must identify one current problems for your patient. For the problem identified, list two (2) nursing interventions (independent) linking to your research of the literature. Include a one to two-line rationale for each intervention. Evaluation of the effectiveness of your interventions is essential.


What you need to do:


For your identified problems (Approximately 850 words): Briefly explain how it relates to the patient’s assessment data. You must demonstrate your understanding of the relevant pathophysiology to explain the link between the problem and the patient’s signs and symptoms. Identify TWO interventions to address each problem. Justify the interventions you will implement (explain what is involved in implementing the intervention, why it is suitable, any relevant special considerations relevant to the patient or situation) and support/justify the use of these interventions with reference to current evidence-based literature (a minimum of 5 current articles for each intervention). Outline the expected evaluation criteria/data that would indicate that each intervention is improving or resolving the identified problem.




Base your work on the information below relating it to the case.


The current problem and interventions have been identified here below for you to work on. Thanks



Current problems



1 – Pain score 6/10 while resting & 8/10 on movement



1 – Encourage bed rest


  • Reduce friction on fracture which promote healing


2 – Deep berating exercise/coughing


  • Prevent respiratory infection




Pain score reduced 2/10 resting & 3/10 movement

Service type project with an international component.

Service type project with an international component.

In this assignment, you will focus your research and writing on a service type project with an international component.

Your assignment is as follows:

Imagine that you are writing a scholarly paper for consumption by a new undergraduate student in the project management program. In your paper, explain the following using examples related to a service project:

  • Create WBS – including information on decomposition, and WBS to five levels as shown in the video example in Module 4.
  • Activity list, attributes, and milestone list
  • Precedence diagramming method (PDM), dependency determination, task duration, and leads and lags, and critical path method (CPM).
  • Project schedule network diagram with critical path, ES, LS, EF, LF, and slack.
  • Resource requirements – including resource calendar, resource breakdown structure, resource constraints, and resource leveling.
  • Estimates of activity duration – including analogous estimating, parametric estimating, or three-point estimating, and reserve analysis.
  • Human resource management – including responsibility chart matrix, RACI matrix, networking requirements, and pertinent organizational theory.
  • Communications management – including communication requirements analysis, communication technology, communication models and methods.

Your well-written paper must meet the following requirements:

  • 3-5 pages in length, not including cover, references page, nor appendices.
  • Supporting documents must appear in appendices.
  • The paper must be supported by at least 4 quality sources, of which 2 must be current, scholarly resources. For this assignment, current, scholarly sources are peer reviewed journal articles published within the most recent 3 years and accessed from the library databases or other academic sources. Textbooks will not count toward peer reviewed requirements but may be used as quality sources if published within the most recent 3 years. The use of the PMBOK ® Guideas a quality source is strongly suggested. The PMBOK ® Guide is not a scholarly resource.
  • Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements(Links to an external site.).
  • Be sure to properly organize your writing and include an introduction, headings / subheadings for the body of your work, analysis and recommendations, conclusion, and list of references. Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed from the Course Information page. Reach out to your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment.