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Case Study – Schizophrenia

1. What are some feelings that nurses could have about working with people who are homeless and mentally ill, and why would it be important for a nurse to think about his or her feelings toward this population? 2. Discuss the possible significance of Dean’s appearance and observed behavior. 3. What screening tests and/or lab procedures seem to be indicated? 4. What is Tardive Dyskinesia, how common is it, and what is the treatment for it? What did the nurse observe about Dean that would suggest Tardive Dyskinesia? 5. Is Diabetes common among persons with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia? Is Diabetes at more common among Native American Indians? Discuss the possibility of persons with Schizophrenia having medical problems. 6. What precautions should the nurse take with the homeless population? 7. What additional information about Dean would be helpful and how could this be obtained? What reason can you think of for Dean wanting to see a medicine man? 8. What findings by the health care team would be sufficient to get Dean hospitalized in a psychiatric facility, and what opportunities might hospitalization present? 9. What findings might get this client hospitalized in a general hospital and what opportunities will that present? 10. If you were the nurse in this case, would you want to get Dean off the street and into some other type of living situation? Why or why not? What reasons could he have for wanting to continue living on the streets? 11. Discuss resources likely to be available in the community for the homeless, mentally ill such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. 12. What nursing diagnoses and interventions would you write for this client?

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