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Case Study Nurses’ Code of Conduct

Case Study: A new nurse to a rehabilitation facility was caring for one of her assigned patient. She was upset when given the assignment because she had been taking care of the patient for the last week and that the patient’s family was very controlling and expected for her to be available at all times. She stated that she could not be in the room with the patient at all times because she had other assigned patients that were also difficult. She discussed this issue with the other nurses, the unit secretary, and a clinical instructor that brought her students in to the rehabilitation facility for their clinical experiences. When she went to the patient’s room the family began requesting different services from her and being demanding. The nurse began to get loud with the patient and the patient’s family and told them yelling in the hallway, that she had other patients and could not spend the time with them and that they would have to hire a “baby-sitter”. The family reported the nurse to the supervisor and the head nurse was involved. The head nurse spoke with the nurse and made a disciplinary report suspending the nurse for a week without pay. The nurse started complaining and yelling to the head nurse and went storming to the Director of Nursing’s office demanding to be heard. Security was called and she was escorted out. On the way out, she stopped at every nurse’s station to let them know what has happened. The next day, while she was on suspension, she called the Director of Nursing demanding to speak to her. When the operator would not put her through, she would call again and let the operator know what had transpired the day before and why she was suspended and how unfair that was. She continued to call speaking to the unit secretaries in all the floors and then speaking to other nurses when she could get a hold of them. Finally, the nurses and everyone she spoke with started complaining about her harassment, and the decision was made to terminate her from the rehabilitation facility. Instructions: Describe the Nurses’ Code of Conduct violations in this scenario. What behaviors are unprofessional and inappropriate for a professional nurse? Relate this scenario to the violations of integrity in the Student Code of Conduct as it relates to nurse’s behavior and violations of Nurses’ Code of Conduct. Explain what behaviors could have been used by the nurse in the case study exemplifying professional behavior.

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