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Case Study Healthcare

Chapter 1: Economics helps managers focus on key issues. Economics helps managers understand goal-oriented decision-making. Economics helps
managers understand strategic decision-making. Economics gives managers a framework for understanding costs. Economics gives managers a framework
for understanding market demand. Economics gives managers a framework for assessing profitability
Chapter 2: Healthcare products are inputs into health. Healthcare products are also outputs of the healthcare sector. The usefulness of healthcare products
varies widely. Marginal analysis helps managers focus on the right questions. Life expectancies have increased sharply in the United States in recent years.
Other wealthy countries have seen larger health gains with smaller cost increases. The healthcare sector is changing radically in response to technology and
policy changes
Research an article related to a concept in Chapter 1 or 2 from a peer-reviewed journal. The article should be related to the health care sector. Write a
summary of the article. Include the title and source of the article at the beginning of the summary