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Case organization case analysis

1. State clearly the main problem or challenge(s) that management faces and other strategic issues
2. Do not recite what’s given in the case such as history
3. Show evidence of the management weaknesses from the case
4. Does management have a flawed strategy as compared to its market?
5. Is management too dependent on its founder(s), are there succession issues?
6. Is management reluctant to change, doesn’t embrace new and use new technology?
7. Strategic Analysis
8. Strategic tools:
1.five forces model,
2. strategic group map,
4. VRIN,
5.analyze the vision, mission, what are the core values, and value proposition, determine the generic strategy
6. determine the generic strategy of the company

1. other tools: SWOT, etc

III. Financial Analysis
1. financial statement analysis
2. ratio analysis
3. line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs,etc.
4. Recommendations

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